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mTOR inhibitors and bodybuilding: rapamycin, quercetin, fasting etc ..and building muscle

rapamycin quercetin fasting bodybuilding

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#1 Perry23

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Posted 25 July 2021 - 10:09 PM

Hi all  ;)


I must admit have a little problem. There are some drugs like rapamycin, supplements like quercetin and things to do good like fasting in terms of longevity which inhibits mTOR signaling. Theoretically mTOR signaling is really important when we talk about protein synthesis. And i am wondering that using things like above is not in opposite with bodybuilding. There are a lot of guys in bodybuilding community which fast and have great results, to be honest i am one of them. No noticeable lost of muscle mass during 17-20 h fast every day , 3 days a week hard strength training and swimming once a week. In rest day mainly stretching and little bit fun with some acrobatic movements but don't call it training ... And in my diet and supplementation there are quite a lot of quercetin, and fast regularly, and wondering if it is in opposite .... fortunately don't see loss of muscle mass.


There is also a guy here who takes rapamycin 6mg a week and have great physique also. 


Personally have really high level of test above 1100 ng/dl , for sure have some genetic predisposition to bodybuilding, this one with great physique who takes rapa just replace hormones so i suppose also have really good level of testosterone...


And if from one point of view when you train you as i suppose it turns on mTOR, when taking quercetin or fasting  inhibition takes place , maybe it counteracts or sth and nothing happens at all ...


There are even guys out there which is really funny that don't train strength sports because of mTOR activation completely forgot that is is probably the most important thing in terms of longevity. We should remember that every year after about 30yo you lost theoretically 2% of muscle mass so is good to preserve it and it is great reservoir for glucose ...


Would love to hear yours opinion on that topic  :) . Have a good day all  ;)

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