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Disorders that make adults look and sound like teenagers

aging disorder face growth hormone ageless

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Posted 08 September 2021 - 01:13 PM

Growth hormone deficieny (often caused by a pituitary tumour) makes a lot of odd cases.

Some random examples from the news are:

Andy Milonakis - hard to judge now because of extra body weight (link)


Tomislav Jurcec - link


Zeng Yushan - link


However, it may not be the only condition that makes people look decades younger than their chronological age:

I can't fully understand how, but Tomasz Nadolski seems to get it from Fabry disease - link1, link2


It's hard to beat Denis Vashurin in youthful appearance, but whose condition has never been disclosed - link1, link2
He has an instagram and youtube btw.

Many members here know about HGH potentially accelerating aging. Exogenous HGH users/bodybuilders can look decades older, etc. So I suppose low HGH, unsurprisingly, can make people look younger, obviously excessively so, against their wishes. These people don't look like suffering from dwarfism (short, but faces showing age). They really look and sound like kids or teens. And their facial adipose tissue distribution remains youthful, including strangly enough periocular face volume.

At the same time, I kept seeing a lot more cases where the unfortunate "children" still showed very strong facial growth or aging signs on top of their condition (link, link).

I wish those whose facial features don't seem to age participated in aging/cosmetic research. That is despite the fact that their metabolism and body functions probably age similarly to ours...  but also probably low HGH does something to their methylation profile and metabolism.


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