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How to survive WW3/WW4

end of the world

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#1 kurdishfella

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Posted 17 May 2022 - 06:55 PM

The reason I put slash WW4 is because some consider the seven year war an world war and Americans keep quiet about it since their current descendants ancestors were responsible for it and don't want their image further ruined by the world but I'm sure there were many world wars before that which we don't count as it was long ago or forgot. We can be sure nuclear weapons will be used.


Potassium iodide protects against exposure to radioactive iodine that would be released by a nuclear bomb or a damaged nuclear reactor. Stock up on that.

MASKS: https://thepreppingg...nuclear-attack/

Taser and machetes and axes and knives will come in 'handy'.


Best country to be in? South America the crime will probably rise to high levels but Brazil has high food production and it is warm so no need to worry about freezing to death.

Russia has potential dangerous weather but with it getting warmer probably a good place since it is also so big so less likely to encounter dangerous humans. It also has high food production.

My top picks would probably be around canada, greenland, iceland, new zealand or russia (has a lot of land so to avoid being hit by nuclear live in far away wilderness areas from military bases etc). The chance of war happening in europe or US is too high. When it happens it could be a chance to create a whole new country that you get to decide and I always wondered if an all-woman only country will pop up if the tech is available. Some would say it is best to create cribs in many countries incase one becomes unavailable that can be walked to.

Survival basics: water purification tablets iodine , underground house, space blanket, bic lighter, strong protected walls, away from roads,  food canned stocks last long and can be eaten raw, 

There are many books etc on this subject.

A lot of countries are creating big walls and improved security borders , small (land not populous ) countries are easier to defend, 

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#2 kurdishfella

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Posted 20 May 2022 - 11:09 PM

Around the northern artic circle. Or greenland. Iceland. Australia. New zealand. All good locations. But Im worried due to climate change australia might become too hot.


I think there are EU/WESTERN troops  bases and stations all over the world so probably living close to them would be a safe bet for recoup .  lighthouse and or an fire tower that's not bound to ground but to trees holding it up.


when war breaks out they will probably target water, energy and food supply production in the country so have your own sources of that. armed neighborhood working together can work but can you really trust them. Having access to radio station building or network towers can be helpful.


Some people buy 100% self sufficient air balloon vehicle or yacht to live in air or sea. Mountain and certain seas have a lot of protection and nutrients near which traps heat. unfourtunaly it will take something drastic for people to change and prepare themselves etc and by that time it will be too late. water dwells make those be careful to not get trapped by people and starve.

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#3 kurdishfella

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Posted 21 May 2022 - 09:30 AM

underground bunker, windmills, high towers. stack up on years of pre Done food hidden. build mansions snowy area people wouldn't come survive etc arctic area future due to climate change. 

Alex jones uses advanced green screen to made vids from bunker  . military nothing important up only underground deep or space etc and travel underground in all connected tunnels systems deep and exit is in ocean. In movies the elites hint clues truth to warn us or teach knowledge in a half truth telling way or brag about doomsdays.  They always say the best way to take out civilian is take out their food production so have multiple incomes ways to get food.

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