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Fecal transfer between young and aged mice reverses hallmarks of aging

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Posted 20 May 2022 - 01:30 PM

The Journal Club returns May 31st at 12:00 Eastern live on the Lifespan.io Facebook page. Dr. Oliver Medvedik will be exploring a recent paper where researchers showed that transfering fecal microbiota from young to old mice reversed some aspects of aging.


Altered intestinal microbiota composition in later life is associated with infammaging, declining tissue function, and increased susceptibility to age-associated chronic diseases, including neurodegenerative dementias. Here, we tested the hypothesis that manipulating the intestinal microbiota infuences the development of major comorbidities associated with aging and, in particular, infammation afecting the brain and retina.

Parker, A., Romano, S., Ansorge, R., Aboelnour, A., Le Gall, G., Savva, G. M., … & Carding, S. R. (2022). Fecal microbiota transfer between young and aged mice reverses hallmarks of the aging gut, eye, and brainMicrobiome10(1), 1-25.

View the article at lifespan.io

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