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Chinese medicine composition for treating cataract

glycation cataract

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Posted 05 August 2022 - 11:48 AM

Just leaving this here for now.  No time.

Lets not forget that cataracts are GLYCATION..!

"The invention provides a Chinese medicine composition for treating cataract, belonging to the field of Chinese medicines. The Chinese medicine composition for treating cataract is characterized by comprising the Chinese medicinal herbs in parts by weight: 20 parts of mother chrysanthemum, 15 parts of semen oroxyli, 8 parts of Chinese thorowax root, 15 parts of spica prunellae, 15 parts of folium isatidis, 8 parts of indigo naturalis, 10 parts of rhizoma alismatis, 10 parts of dangshen, 8 parts of cacumen biotae, 10 parts of rhizoma typhonii, 12 parts of rhizoma atractylodis, 15 parts of eclipta, 12 parts of oldenlandia diffusa, 20 parts of concha haliotidis and 10 parts of periostracum cicada. The Chinese medicine composition is prepared from the natural Chinese medicinal herbs as raw materials, is used for treating the cataract by using combined action of all Chinese medicinal herbs, has no toxic and side effects to a human body, and has the advantages of low cost and accurate treatment effect. The total effective rate of treating the cataract by using the Chinese medicine composition is 98.0 percent."

CN102091192A - Chinese medicine composition for treating cataract - Google Patents

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