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Book/youtube recommendations to understand the human body? How it's all connected?

book recommendation human biology

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#1 illerrre

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Posted 21 September 2022 - 07:25 PM

I'm fascinated by longevity and I put a lot of effort into eating the right things, exercising, fasting, etc to promote autophagy, AMPK and SIRTUIN activation.


But even though I throw these terms around, I couldn't explain them very well. Heck, I'm at a level where I couldn't even explain what mitochondria is. I just know it's something in the cell.


But I want to. I want to know how everything is connected in the body. What belongs where, what affects what. 


Is there any good book out there, or a couple of books that would do the trick for me? What would you recommend I start with and what books do I pick up after?


I guess good youtube videos would also work if there's any good channel out there. 

#2 pamojja

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Posted 22 September 2022 - 01:08 PM

I would start from the whole on wikipedia and go from there: https://en.m.wikiped...wiki/Human_body


Attached File  201_Elements_of_the_Human_Body.02.svg.png   58.78KB   0 downloads


If you started with details of biochemistry it gets to overwhelming very fast.

#3 seivtcho

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Posted 24 September 2022 - 09:38 AM

That is really an owerwhelming information. 


"I want to know how everything is connected in the body. What belongs where, what affects what."
That means the entire human anatomy and the entire human physiology. 
"I couldn't even explain what mitochondria is"
That means plus human hystology, or at least a short course on cellular biology. 
Better try to find free pdf books on these topics - human anatomy, physiology, hystology and cellular biology and read only the main, because otherwise it is thousands of pages. Now the problem is how you to know what is the main, the very basic... In the anatomy it is the positions of the organs, the large structures composing the anatomical organs without getting deep into each curve, intumescence and groove. For the physiology to distinguish the main is harder. Find a short pdf. It will be concentrated on the basic big things. For cellular biology, maybe you may start with something like this https://www.britanni...e/cell-biology 
Later on, if you find something interesting, digg it deeper. You will have a lot of reading for an year. 

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