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Sick of all this "Trump Divided us" bullshit

trump didnt dvide us we already were divided

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#1 TheFountain

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Posted 08 March 2023 - 11:19 PM

There is a definitive difference between being a divided nation and a specific entity CAUSING that division. 


And some of the main reasons this idea that "Trump divided us" is absolute horse shit is


-The most obvious reason is that the nation was ALREADY DIVIDED. It is merely that Trump made it non-PC to express this divisiveness. 


-Trump did more for the economy than prior presidents Bush and Obama combined. In that sense he brought us more "together" if you will.


-The leftists media's constant witch hunt toward the man shows how absolutely threatened they are by him and also that THEY ARE DIVIDING US as a nation currently. 


-Lastly the fact that Trump pointed out that there is a massive swamp full of evil politicians who are ONLY IN IT FOR MONEY was NOT a point of division, it SHOULD HAVE served as a point of unity where we the people point the finger at these fools and say "hey, you're still dripping with swamp juice". But instead? Those who Baaaa allow the elitist media corporations to perpetuate the lie that DRAINING THE SWAMP is equivalent to dividing the nation. 


Keeping thinking this bullshit because your koolaid is probably laced with Fentanyl!!!!

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