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Posted 03 November 2007 - 03:41 PM

The primary reason that this forum has been set up is to make an effort to revive the declining health, supplement and nootropics fora.

Overtime the health, supplement and nootropics fora has declined in the quality information presented. When the Institute first started out these fora were filled with quality information and in depth discussions. As a result these fora soon became well known as one of the best quality information fora on the net for information related to longevity health, supplements and nootropics. Well published academics such as Aubrey De Grey, Michael Rae, Prof S.J. Olshansky contributed to these fora on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, overtime, these fora became populated with quick fix wannabes and viral marketers. The forums also started to attract drugs users looking for their next quick fix substance. As a result the quality of information started to dissapear in the mass of posts made by the new quick fix wannabes and viral marketers most of which are one time users and passer bys who don't really care about the Institute and it's mission. The opposite though can be said for the long time members, most of which are full members, who contribute valuable information on a regular basis to the fora. It is these members that bring quality to the fora. It is these members that have stuck with us and helped us build the reputation that we once had hence, we start it again here.

Basic members will still be able to read all of the content within the health fora, but only be able post within the basic member subsection. Our aim is to return the health, supplement and nootropics fora back to highly quality state.

If you have any questions please feel free to PM someone in leadership

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