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Anyone here tried the Clarisonic Skin Care Brush?

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#1 macanizer

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Posted 24 November 2007 - 09:42 PM

I've spent a lot of money buying topical solutions to help get rid of blemishes, the only thing that has made somewhat of an improvement has been salicylic acid. It only seems to work in preventing them or getting rid of new blemishes though. I use this off and on, mainly because I'm trying to test some other products and see if they work. By the time I find out that they don't and I finally go back to salicylic acid the blemishes just won't go away - they eventually do but after several months. My neck area and forearms seem to be the most difficult to treat, the ones in my forearms I believe are as a result of keratosis pilaris where as the one in my neck and face are from acne (which I don't get that often anymore)

I'm considering buying a Clarisonic Skin Care Brush which is not in my budget at the moment. But if there's a sale on this thing, or if I can find a knock-off version, I may become tempted to get one. I'd really like to hear some feedback if anyone has one of these, or knows anything about it. I know my Sonicare tooth brush has made my teeth and gums healthier, I'm hoping that the Clarisonic, or other devise out there, can do the same and heal my blemishes once and for all. Thanks in advance for any advise you may have.

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