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Fight Chikungunya and Viral Fever with Ayurveda

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#1 Brew

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Posted 14 March 2008 - 05:23 AM

Kerala now witnesses a phase of scathing attack of different types of viral fever like Chikungunya. Ayurvedic method of living offers a solution to the problems of viral fever and almost all types of diseases.

Ayurveda attributes the reasons of spread of diseases to the pollution of air, water and land. Alongside treatments to such diseases, it is also required to purify the elements of nature. Clean the surroundings and plant trees like neem. The treatment options for the disease vary considerably according to the stage of the disease.

The medicines

The following medicines are good for pacifying fever.

• Amritarishta

• Vilvadi gulika (tablets)

• Sudarsanam Gulika (tablets)

Pain and swellings at joints of limbs are other problems associated with the disease. The following treatments are beneficial.

• Take Punarnavasana internally &

• Warm the joints by pressing small warmed cloth bags bundled with thavidu (rice bran).

Preventive medicine to prevent fever and Chikungunya

The following medicines are beneficial in preventing attack of the diseases.

• Inthukantham Kashaya &

• Vilvadi Gulika

Both of them enhance body immunity.

Chikungunya is not a fatal disease, but post cure symptoms like pain at joints, mental depression, tiredness are pose serious problems.

Ayurvedic Treatments suggests preventing disease causing conditions like impure air, water and land. Take the steps to keep the surroundings, air and water clean as the first step to prevent the spread of diseases of any kind.

A mutant variety of Aedes mosquitoes spread alphavirus, which is responsible for the disease. Carefully avoid mosquito bite. Use a mosquito screen net while sleeping. Chikungunya has good treatments in Ayurveda and you can get them in any part of Kerala.

#2 rhodan

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Posted 14 March 2008 - 04:18 PM

Cleaning the surroundings to avoid mosquitoes spread and avoiding bites ...

Holy shit, Ayurveda is powerfull ! :p

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