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Opinions on Forms

multivitamin vimmortal

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#1 Talkitron

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Posted 01 February 2012 - 04:26 AM

I ordered some Vimmortal but no longer take a multivitamin, in favor of isolated supplements.

I am not convinced for the need for niacin (B3). I have heard it called toxic. I am also worried that the type of chromium in Vimmortal is labeled niacinate, although again I am not sure what that means.

I take methylcobalamin B12 instead of Vimmortal's hydroxocobalamin. I am unfamiliar with the latter.

I would prefer retinol instead of beta carotene for vitamin A. The WAPF's literature states that only a small amount of beta carotene is converted into retinol.

Please keep selenocysteine instead of a lesser form of selenium.

Sulfur seems to be low on the modern diet. Maybe it should be added to Vimmortal? I take MSM.

I do not know if it can be placed in a multivitamin, but phosphatidyl choline may be the form used in the body.

I am unfamiliar with the type of folate in Vimmortal. I only know that "folic acid" is bad and "folate" is good. Some clarification as to how the folate/folic acid in Vimmortal relates to these two broad categories would be great.

#2 Mind

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Posted 14 February 2012 - 09:30 PM

Thanks for your comments Talkitron. Most of the form threads are now populated. If you want to generate discussion on the various nutrients you were concerned about please address them in their individual threads. They might each get more visibility that way.

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