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Russian Transhuman Movement activity Report February 2012

rtm kryorus aging diagram cryo regulation gordon research conference program for the future

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#1 brokenportal

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Posted 19 March 2012 - 09:44 PM

Im not sure where to put this Russian Transhuman Movement newsletter. We dont really have a Transhumanism section.

RTM activity Report February 2012


Early in February we made total reengineering of «Human Aging System diagram» (HASD) www.sciencevsaging.org, internet site and also performed translation of HASD in English.
Now this site is gives complete picture of project about it’s development and success. On 12-th of February Danila Medvedev presented HASD project in California on Gordon Research Conference. Report on Conference about Aging is recognition of interest of scientific community to the project (description on site http://www.sciencevs...12-01-10/448/ru).
Famous cryobiologist, Senior Research Consultant «CryoRus» Dr. Uriy Pichugin in neurophysiological laboratory
of Research Institute of Mytyshi completed the first two phases of the experiment in the practical aspects of cryobiology (from total of 6 planned for this year). Yuri has achieved 55% survival of hippocampal slices of rats after deep hypothermia with a neurophysiological evaluation of sections from the very first test experiments without an optimized technology.
An agreement was reached at the Institute to continue the study of cryopreservation processes to improve results.
In collaboration with scientists from the laboratory of cryopreservation of genetic resources of CSI Academy of Sciences, which is headed by the Dr. Edith Nikolaevna Gakhova, a draft project of online library of cryobiology is developing.


Quantity of contracts has passed seventh decade, as we signed the agreement 71. We received many letters from customers, including those coming from abroad. Among them there are orders from Germany (about cryonics of two dogs) and the Netherlands – there are negotiations. Agents from Belarus, Ukraine, and various cities in Russia took the initiatives to cooperate.

The improvement of Cryodepositarium is continuing, on the site KryoRus (http://www.kriorus.ru/) we plan to create a 3D model on which will be implemented in the virtual tour KrioRus.
Now developing: marketing, sales and ritual side of cryonics.

Social and organizational work

On February the 5th, we held our first meeting on the reports. With the help of Elena Milova finalized the organizational structure of RTM.
On 10th of February the meeting was held with volunteers and staff of marketing KrioRus for the coming year, we planned a lot of revolutionary action.
On 11th February we held meeting on the topic of internal communication in the course of the meeting survey program was also enhanced.
On 23rd of February a meeting devoted to the RTM project planning was held in the office. Vadim Zhernov held a lecture on the advice of a press secretary and public relations.
In addition, a number of marketing professionals among transhumanists are involved in the improvement of the RTM.
On 24th of February the graduate of faculty of law of SPbGUP Elena Kozlova came to examine the legal aspects of cryonics for writing the thesis, which is the working title of “International regulation of cryonics”. We were pleasantly surprised that my sister Helen scholar and translator of the book is almost finished the translation of the book by George P. Smith, II «Medical-legal aspects of cryonics: prospects for immortality» (http://kriorus.ru/bo...spects-cryonics).
We actively on developing projects NanoSoft, VOICE, and AVIC.
In late February, RTM supported the initiative of Judiciousness fund (http://zdravomyslie.ru/), which drew public attention to the inadmissibility of the presence of representatives of religious organizations in the bioethical committees. Discussion took place on the site http://teh-nomad.liv...om/1231002.html.

Work with Media and Speeches

On 4th of February, Danila Medvedev held the transfer of “World without paper” on the new digital interactive table This includes this month filmed regular episodes of the project "Program for the Future", "World Without Borders", "World without sex “,” A world without entertainment".
From 12th to 17th of February one of the best international scientific conferences on Aging was carried out – Gordon Research Conference in California. For the first time at this Conference Danila Medvedev submitted a well-known foreign scientists to the project “Human Aging System Diagram” and won a three-day poster section (according to the rules of the conference on one topic one day is allocated.)
Scientists found the project interesting. 90% of conference, made in favor of this project, gave a positive assessment. Among them, Roger McDonald, Elliot Bergman, George Martin, Brian Kennedy, Stephen Ostend, Tom Kirkwood, Ian Viig. More than 40 of them have left their autographs on the laminated surface of the Scheme. With many of these scientists we plan to actively cooperate. In preparation for the conference was attended by activists of RTM as well as by authors of project: Kaurov B.A., Krementsova A.V.,
Artukhov I.V.
On February 18th, Valeria Pride performed at the House of Writers' Club at a meeting of science fiction fans on "Reflection of transhumanist ideas in science fiction." Also, on February 19th Valeria held a lecture in the form of webinar on the subject "How "KrioRus "can remotely cryopreserve resident customer." Record and materials of the webinar can be viewed on the websites: , http://kriorus.ru/news/2012-02-19/457.
On 19th - Danila gave an interview to REN TV in the RTD office for record of the movie "Immortality - 2". He also made ​​a presentation about the dystopia on the forum Global Future 2045 (). On 22nd, he moderated the seminar "Skolkovo" on "IT in medicine and health care." Also Igor Artyukhov and Danila Medvedev performed in the program "Live with Michael Zelensky," on the Yeti, they held a discussion on the exposure of pseudoscience.

On February 21st Valeria Pride performed in broadcast about cloning on RenTV and on 22nd - on ORT. She also starred in the TV program "NTV Morning" with Valdis Pelsh and Victor Nabutov on the “clothes of the future” ().

#2 brokenportal

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Posted 19 March 2012 - 09:46 PM

should we create an rss feed into the forum for these newsletters?

#3 Julia36

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Posted 30 September 2013 - 12:12 AM

Looks important.

Russian/ western communications are dramatically difficult.
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