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Alternative Manufacturers


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Posted 24 December 2012 - 09:00 PM

As announced in this month's newsletter, after a long period of waiting and delay, it now, unfortunately, become clear that Revgenetics will not be manufacturing VIMMORTAL2 .

We have received a number of suggestions regarding alternative manufacturers, and looking into a few. As a volunteer-based organisation we don't have capacity in LongeCity leadership to pursue an unlimited number of suggestions.

As this is a community project after all, I would therefore encourage Members to feel free and make the initial approach themselves. If a manufacturer shows interest, put us in touch.

A couple of points are worth considering:

1) The VIMMORTAL recipe is 'open source'. There is no IP in the mixture and anyone is free to manufacture and sell it. While we will not take anyone to court, we would expect that the origin and the community is given fair attribution.

2) LongeCity will happily enter into a licensing arrangement, where a manufacturer can use the LongeCity logo and brand and be highlighted at LongeCity for selling VIMMORTAL. In return we would expect a percentage of revenue donated back to the community, and/or a good discount for our Members.

3) The name 'Vimmortal' itself should be reserved for projects in close alignment with LongeCity, but other names are feasible.

4) VIMMORTAL 1 was not a blockbuster success commercially. Revgenetics provided it partially to support the community.It sold among LongeCity Members (and it was not promoted elsewhere) but it did not make anyone very rich. Any manufacturer looking for a runaway commercial success instead of factoring in community opportunities and goodwill may not think the project worthwhile.

5) LongeCity will not act as the vendor or manufacturer of Vimmortral. We are a non-profit educational organisation and the manufacture and supply of supplements is not what we do. We will not invest in manufacturing, give any warranties or assurances of fitness for any purpose of the formula, nor will we be able to inspect, validate or audit any manufacturers premises, facilities, supply chain, legal status, business practices etc.

6) Again, we will not pay anyone to manufacture Vimmortal, nor support any fundraising efforts in this regard. Either the formula can be manufactured and sold at a price point that is sustainable in the long run from a business perspective, or there is a deeper flaw that we need to sort out together first. In

Anyone with a serious collaboration in mind, please get in touch.

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