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Renting commercial space, cheap electric, team effort

sponsored folding.

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#1 chungenhung

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Posted 13 June 2013 - 08:29 PM

Who would be interested in "sponsoring" some folding@home machines that I will be placing at a commercial space?
The electric is about 6-8cents per kwh, depending on usage. In order to hit the 6cents range, I would need to be pulling a lot of power, and currently I do not have enough machines to pull that much power.
Basically you will pledge that you would want me to run the machine for like 3 - 6 months, so I can be sure that I am getting the money to pay rent and electric.
The machine will fold under your username.
Let me know if some of you are interested.

#2 Mind

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Posted 14 June 2013 - 08:33 PM

So we would just be paying for our portion of the electric bill, and a small percentage of rent, depending on how many machines we "sponsored".


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Posted 16 June 2013 - 05:05 AM

I have some older machines and a stack of CPUs that could be used as upgrades, probably some ram and heat sinks too, I could contribute too. Probably 4 machines in total, but I think all but 1 would need a HDD, though it might be possible to run F@H on an ubuntu CD? Couldn't help with the electric though. Where would I need to get them to? Still lots of money to be made from recycling all the stuff that fails, so we could divert that revenue to other projects or invest it in some vehicle to to eventually allow the operation to be sustainable so long as people donate enough used machines to keep sucking up the electric. Newer towers are being made much smaller too, so getting the stuff there would be easy. The machines could be pretty much stripped down too, so we could sell off all the ODs, maybe even hard drives if it's feasible to run things off of high speed, low cost SD cards instead of HDDs. I imagine its workable if you're not using the HDD for extra RAM. To optimize energy use, we'd have to consolidate parts anyways... it's kinda pointless if the app you're running uses tons of ram and only 20% of the processor speed or whatever the case may be. At some point it would make sense to sell off old machines for parts and buy a single replacement that uses less energy. This could turn into a whole enterprise. The PCBs on alot of HDDs are worth more than new HDDs in some cases, so you'd want to look into your parts for that too. People pay big for data restoration and you could save lots of people's data selling an old HDD into minimal usage and migrating to a faster, more efficient/reliable HDD.

Scroll down to electronics scrap to see what the stuff is worth if you pile up enough of it, though it's for stuff that doesn't work:

I have an ebay store with space left over to sell the more valuable parts.

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