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Aniracetam for Adderall crash

adderallcrash aniracetam

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Posted 22 July 2013 - 11:24 PM

After trying quite a few different nootropics, aniracetam has been the most effective for me. It calms my anxiety and seems to help with social interactions.

So despite my best efforts, I couldn't find a stack that would help me with my ADHD issues more than adderall did. I started developing the same symptoms and issues I had before I started adderall and I was getting worse and worse. (Basically it was this stack: http://www.longecity...-to-nootropics/ ) Procrastination has become quite a problem and I just can't seem to stay on task for anything. So i decided to go back on adderall for long term at a low dose daily. I'm already pretty damn skinny and I'm worried about losing even more weight, but I think with the right diet and exercises ill be able to put on a few pounds.


Like I said earlier, aniracetam was the most effective nootropic I tried and I'm thinking it might work perfect for the crash after adderall. Usually the crash I get is right around the last few hours of work and I get really spaced out. Also I tend to avoid going out at night because of how irritable I get after the crash. I think aniracetam would help smooth out the crash by reducing anxiety and smoothing out social interactions.

Are there any possible concerns between the two drug's interactions, like tolerance issues (with adderall) or insomnia? I know piracetam can cause adderall tolerance to accelerate so aniracetam might..

Any help would be appreciated :)
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