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Healthful Longevity Scientific Literature Researchers/Writers Wanted

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#1 Paul Wakfer

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 07:16 PM

The Live120Plus project - to find all currently known therapies with reasonable evidence of human healthspan and lifespan extension, to add all such future therapies as they become available with sufficient evidence and to organize all these therapies into practically doable regimens - is looking for qualified people who will find this project exciting, challenging and useful for their own health and longevity. Anyone interested should first make a detailed examination of the summary project description at http://Live120Plus.com. Then, if still interested, you should request access to our development wiki (http://LERDIT.org/wiki) so that you can make a much more detailed examination of our team organization and project work to date. Through this interaction with the Live120Plus Partners, you will be able to demonstrate both understanding and acceptance to work under that organization. In addition, this interaction will enable both of us to decide whether or not we can work compatibly together. After this examination and interaction, if you are still interested and if we find you acceptable from our evaluation up to that point, then you will be asked join the team under the following briefly described working conditions:

LERDIT is an unofficial partnership that operates on a 6-month Company period. A new person is given the first 6-month salary that the LERDIT Partners (currently me and  Kitty Antonik) determine from Internet research would be appropriate in the marketplace for hir (his/her) qualifications related to the work s/he will do for us and the location in which s/he lives. However, only up to a maximum of 50% of that salary may be taken as a draw, with the rest becoming an investment in the Company. In addition, after the first 6-month period all 6-month salaries are calculated as a percentage of the current salary total (obtained from the total of the starting salaries and increased by 2% every 6-months), with the percentage of that total that each person gets being hir value to the project during the past 6-months period as assessed by the Company Partners. This is planned to be our method up to the time that Live120Plus becomes profitable. We have been using this method (designed by me as a fair and just way of operating) for over 2 years now and everyone concerned is pleased with its fairness. This is all described in much more detail on the Company pages of the development private wiki http://LERDIT.org/wiki to which any person(s) qualified for the work and expressing serious interest is given guest access.

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