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How might some of the side effects of these motivating supplements be counteracted?

taurine orotate rhodiola egcg ginkgo add-pi sct motivation norepinephrine dopamine

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#1 navyblue

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Posted 13 September 2014 - 04:02 PM

The feelings of motivation, feeling like a responsible person, not waiting till the last minute to get things done, feeling overwhelmed by clultter, finances, etc, because of not being able to get things done have all been an issue for me that Rhodiola, EGCG, Ginkgo, Inositol, Siberian Ginseng, Ashwagandha, and Curcumin (had allergic reaction) all did great with. The only correlation I can find between all of these is that they seem to increase norepinephrine. However each one has had their downside as well. Upon doing more internet research it looks as though an increase in glutamate can also create motivation to do things. For most part i believe my symptoms are mostly congruent with ADD-Pi or SCT (sluggish cognitive tempo). The best of the above supplements I have tried thus far is Rhodiola as i have taken it for 3 weeks with no tolerance. However i did stop taking it yesterday because i felt that it was making me somewhat overly confident and a little arrogant which i really didn't like as i feel i am far from being an arrogant person and my confidence is usual pretty low. Also if i take it in the morning I still have a problem getting to sleep at night. To help me sleep I will take Lithium Orotate - 5mg (used to counteract norepinephrine, not sure how safe though), L-Taurine, and Magnesium Citrate which usually work. 


All the below work great with my add-pi / sct :

Rhodiola (great for supplement tolerance, and stress, however made me feel overly confident and arrogant + lack of sleep)

EGCG (wears off way too quickly. Have to sip green tea throughout the day to keep the motivation going, plus the caffeine doesn't help either)

Ginkgo (taking it 2-3x/day did great, however its a blood thinner seems to make my GERD / acid reflux worse. Same issue with fish oil too. Also supplements that thin my blood seem to make my feet get very cold)

Inositol (tried taking up 12g of this in the past but if gave me a headache, and lower doses didn't do much for motivation)

Siberian Ginseng (A minor bit of a headache which i believe is due to dopamine increase. For example I get the same type of headache with 1g of l-tyrosine)

Ashwagandha (Works great on day 1, after that no more motivation, tolerance builds up quickly)

Curcumin + Piperin (Worked great up until later in the day when I began getting shortness of breath, could be due to the piperin, or high does, not sure)


Keep in mind to test that something really works I will usually take it without taking anything else for a couple days or up until a week. Or just space it out 12 hours or more from my other supplements. 


How might some of the side effects of these motivating supplements be counteracted (like the dopamine headache with siberian ginseng for example)? Most importantly the ones regarding Rhodiola (such as being overly confident/arrogant and lack of sleep)? Also, what are the vitamins responsible for converting to norepinephrine? (maybe increasing it naturally with higher dose vitamins could be a better way to go, not sure if it would lend the same effects though)




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