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Best entry level job for people like us?

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#1 TheFountain

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Posted 23 January 2016 - 05:37 PM

So I am looking for a career change and I am wondering if some of you might know what the best entry level Jobs for people like us would be. 


More specifically people who are into longevity, anti-aging and health span.


I have no money to invest and I only have my experience and knowledge of many aspects in the field. 


I would consider myself close to a nutritional expert but I can only explain maybe 30% of the science behind it. So it cannot be a science based position.


And I also cannot take a loss for an extended period of time till things "work out". 


Moreso, I feel this information would be helpful, not only to myself, but to everyone reading. 


Thank you. 

#2 caliban

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Posted 24 February 2016 - 11:16 PM

For advice, your prior work experience and other skillsets matter. Also your location (and flexibility to relocate).  


And then it depends on how much of an impact you would want to make.

E.g. a pharmaceutical sales agent promoting the right products or a clinical trials recruiter might be seen as working in life extension.


If you want to get involved at the ‘bleeding edge’ of life extension research and advocacy, the best strategy for someone with limited experience, matching skills and capital  would be to become as active as you can in your spare time. The better you are integrated into the right networks the more likely it is that you will hear of an opening that would be suitable and that people will think of you as a candidate. However, there is rather limited job security at that edge.  

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