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Epitalon and antioxidant cycling recommendations


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#1 Cremedevanille

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Posted 16 February 2017 - 01:55 PM

I would be extremely grateful for any support on this matter. I am currently taking a plethora of antioxidants and supplements for antiageing/life extension/skin health and have a niggling feeling I'm just not doing things the best way. I am an 105lbs 30 year old woman. I think my list may be a bit extreme but want to do the best for myself. I am concerned about suggestions I have read online that too many antioxidants may actually have a detrimental/paradoxical effect but I don't understand the mechanism behind this.


I have also read it is best to cycle them (i.e. week on, week off.) I don't know if this means different tablets on different weeks or one week of supplements, one week of no supplements? I apologise profusely for my naivety! There seems to be some incredible minds on this forum and any advice would be deeply appreciated. 


I also have a keen interest in Epitalon. Would this be an interesting addition to my regime? Is administering it sub L pointless? I would be willing to go sub C in order to potentiate it. 


Currently I take:


(medication- Spironolactone, 50mg for acne every other day)




TA65 (T.A Sciences 100 units)

Life Extension AMPK Activator 

Unbiquinol 400mg

ALA 200mg

Glutathione 500mg

Astaxanthin 12mg

Al-carnitine 1000mg

N-A-C 600mg

L-Carnosine 1000mg

Curcurmin 400mg


Pomegranate extract 



Soy liposomes 

liquid hyaluronic acid 



Vitamin C 1000mg

Vitamin A 5000iu (high levels are recommended by Dr Des Fernandes) 

Iron free Multi vitamin (Nature's Plus Ultra Source of Life) 

Fish oil 1100mg

Evening Primrose oil 1000mg



Umbiquinol 400mg

ALA 200mg

Mag/cal 216mg : 153.9mg

D3/K2 (MK-4) 4000iu : 180mcg



Melatonin 10mg




Any advice on how to split these up/balance them better and -most importantly- cycle them would be most gratefully received. As would any information on how to best incorporate Epitalon. Does anyone know any safe sources for this in the UK? Kind thanks! 


#2 PeaceAndProsperity

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Posted 22 February 2017 - 12:32 AM

Honestly, for anti-aging, your best bet as a woman and in the age you are is just estrogen supplementation, the more the better; stríve for a supraphysiological dosage, no you obviously won't get cancer. The whole cancer thing is overstated, female hormones don't cause cancer. Progesterone also but in fair amounts (as progesterone is androgenic, that's why the synthetic progesterone was developed) and it's probably best to avoid the synthetic crap. Female hormones have positive effects on telomere length (but obviously don't prevent shortening, nothing at this point prevents shortening).


If you want my opinion, drop the acetylcysteine, pomegranate extract, soy liposomes, and maybe a few others although I don't know what their purported benefits are (biosil, nourkrin, lycopene). Those supplements are not necessary, just a waste of money unless you have some other reason for taking them than telomeres.

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#3 PeaceAndProsperity

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Posted 22 February 2017 - 11:01 AM

I knew some ____ would tag me ill informed or dangerous, irresponsible. Which parts is ill informed?

Edited by PeaceAndProsperity, 22 February 2017 - 11:02 AM.

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#4 Christian Hunter

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Posted 15 March 2017 - 10:03 AM

Quick disclaimer: I'm pressed for time, so my choice was to respond broadly, and without citation, or not at all.  This is also dictated, and, as such, may contain spelling and grammatical errors:

About your current regimen, I have to say, for 30 years old you have a remarkably robust, impressive, and expensive program.
Here are a few suggestions:  
Make sure you’re taking a magnesium that’s actually bioavailable.  By that I mean, make sure it’s not “magnesium oxide”.
You might want to double your fish oil and your vit C doses.
I’m not a fan of multivitamins. I don't think it’s snobbery, I just don’t like that a lot of the manufacturers of multivitamins use vitamins and minerals that are crap (literally not bioavailable) and you end up not taking a useful vitamin or mineral because you think “I’ve got that covered". My personal best indicator for determining if a multivitamin is largely made of junk (and this is not a foolproof test), is to look at the form of vitamin B12 they use. If it's “cyanocobalamin”, odds are, it’s garbage.  
Please make sure to research a few other references (if you haven’t already) to confirm the safety of the huge dose of Vitamin A you’re taking.  I say that because it’s one of the few vitamins that can be quite toxic in such out-of-range doses.
As to melatonin, 10mg may be an excessive dose. Melatonin is a fantastic hormone and and inarguably beneficial. However, at your age, I've read a number of studies that suggest anything beyond 3mg to 5mg a day would be more than needed, and may do a teensy bit of harm (sorry I don’t have citation for this, but you can easily confirm one way or the other)
Unfortunately everything I’ve read about Glutathione says it’s just not bioavailable. Consider taking a precursor instead like Sandy
Lastly, I’d also recommend adding Centrophenoxine for its nootropic effects, as well its purported beneficial effect on longevity and skin health (as a lipofuscin removing agent).  It’s an under-appreciated supplement IMO.
As to Epitalon, I’ve trialed just about every antiaging and nootropic compound there is (so long as it has a decent safety profile) and Epitalon is one of the few that remains in my daily regimen.
I take Epitalon subcutaneously, and have cycled it (1 month on, 2 months off) for 3 years now. Subjectively, it’s had a beneficial impact on my general health, and has had an especially noticeable impact on the appearance of my skin.
Also, you may want to consider pausing TA-65 when you try Epitalon as they may be a bit redundant (both are purported to work primarily as telomerase activators).
As to vendors, I'm afraid I don't know if any European suppliers, but IMO, the “Apple Computer of peptides” is Ceretropic in Tempe, Arizona (BTW: I have absolutely no affiliation with the company other than customer).  I think they’ll ship to London as well.
As an aside, I just ordered GHK-CU from them and plan on reporting whether it had any perceptible or measurable benefits in the coming months).  
Okay, good luck.
Christian Hunter 
Austin, TX

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#5 Cremedevanille

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Posted 15 March 2017 - 10:48 AM

Christian thank you so very much for taking the time to write this. I am extremely grateful! I am actually feeling somewhat underconfident about my routine, its easy to feel concern about doing more harm than good. 


I have decided to do three week cycles: Three weeks on everything, three weeks on just basic vitamins and three weeks completely off everything to allow my system to kill off any weak cells and to prevent an excess of antioxidants in my body constantly. Does this sound like a good plan?


I have changed things around a bit and am now taking Vitamin D3 1000iu/K-2 45mcg x 4 in the morning along with Mag 2:1 Cal (it works out at 461.7mg Cal and 648mg Mag.) The Mag is Magnesium Succinate, the Cal Is also the Succinate form. Is that acceptable?


Upon your suggestion I shall cut out the multi (I did suspect it may be useless fluff), cut the Melatonin down to 5mg and forego the Glutathione. I shall look into adding Centrophenoxine. Should I bother adding any single vitamins or, considering I have a decent diet, do you think this would be unnecessary? 


Once again, huge thanks for your help! 

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#6 Iuvenale

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Posted 26 July 2017 - 01:57 PM

Take D3 in the AM rather than the PM. It might have circadian effect -- that is, it tells your body that it is daytime. There hasn't been much research comparing AM vs. PM, but there was some showing that taking it at night caused insomnia. This tells me that it probably has a circadian effect (like melatonin) and that there might be other effects if you take it at the "wrong" time of day. If nothing else, it can't hurt to change the time of day to AM.

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