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Bloot tests show low white blood cell count

low white blood cells

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#1 不滅の

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Posted 15 April 2017 - 01:13 PM

​I've suffered from brain fog, ocd, anxiety and mild depressive symptoms since childhood. Lately, I've been looking for alternative explenations to answer my problems and auto-immune disorder/leaky gut seems like a worthwhile explanation from what I've read based on ym symptoms. I've had ever-present fluctuating mild gut anomalies my entire life and it had gotten worse lately and I started to notice that eating certain things effects my symptoms so I went on a week-long half-assed elimination diet that had me feeling the sharpest I've ever felt but during this time I experienced constipation and 2 weeks later I still have hardly any bowel movements. My doctor suggested I take a series of blood tests and the results show a low white blood cell count. It's been suggested I take a second test next week so I figured I'll ask around here to get a broader perspective.

White Blood Cell Count - 2.70 [4.30-9.84 x 10^9 / L]
Neutrophils Abs - 0.79 [2.10-7.20 x 10^9 / L]
​Monocytes Abs - 2.70 [0.40-1.10 x 10^9 / L]
​Eosinophils Abs - 0.03 [0.10-0.70 x 10^9 / L]
​Basophils Abs - 0.15 [0.00-0.10 x 10^9 / L]
Haemoglobin - 14.0 [14.1-17.2 x 10^9g / dL]
Red Cell Count - 4.66 [4.60-5.90 x 10^9 / L]

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#2 albedo

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Posted 15 April 2017 - 04:19 PM

Yes, it looks low. Assuming this will repeat I would suggest your GP will refer you also to an hematologist. It is an interesting topic, please keep the thread updated on what your doctors will say on the causes of this low WBC. If I recollect well, please do not take this as gospel, leukopenia is diagnosed when WBC count is lower than 1.5 G/l so you are not there.

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#3 pamojja

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Posted 15 April 2017 - 04:49 PM

Interesting to read:



#4 不滅の

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Posted 15 April 2017 - 05:38 PM

I will keep this post updated with new results. There are a number of studies cited on this forum, I am discovering, that indicate a lower WBC level (2.50-3.50 range) is assiciated with a decreased in various cancers and heart desease. That is a little assuring but considering I am likely have a hidden food allergy or leaky gut that's affecting my cognition, a low WBC count could be indicative of an auto-immune disease of an infection. Which is less reassuring.

​For now the only update I can give is this:

My daily regiment:
2g+1g Fish Oil
1 Selemax (Selenium, C, Zinc, E)
1 multi-vitamin
2 probiotics (2mill)
2x500mg L-Glutamine
1000iu Vit D3
3 satchets of 5g Isphagula husk

I'm looking into my zinc/copper ratios as I was always more of a meat eater and the new diet and regiment is quite biased to Zinc.
Starting from tomorrow I will be on a strict elimination diet based on the one suggested by selfhacked, just to be on the safe side. Like I said, when I did a week on a similar diet I felt the best I've ever felt. Funny, but since grass-fed meat is so hard to source here I was eating a lot of wild calamari (high copper) that time.

The rest of my results are on imgur, 7WQDNPd and fxdYGqr because I can't figure it our here.

Interesting to read:



I was just reading that haha!

#5 PeaceAndProsperity

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Posted 16 April 2017 - 06:28 PM

brainfog could be but not ocd, anxiety etc. it is 100% genetic, runs in races and populations and families

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#6 不滅の

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Posted 02 May 2017 - 05:27 PM



I was referred to an internal medicine doctor who, along with a new diet, suggested a some more tests, the results of which just arrived.


Almost a month later my White blood cells are at 2.30 (from 2.70) and all the aformentioned markers have decreased at least a little.


CRP looks fine at 1.07 mg/L
Iron Profile looks fine too at serum 19.84 umol/L
Vitamin B12 isn't deficient, actually it's high at serum 762 pmol/L
Folate serum is 48.24 nmol/L
Ferritin serum is 205 ng/mL

I was also asked to perform a stool sample analysis but I have yet to deficate since 2 days from my last appointment. I tried taking a couple of glycerol suppositories, the first of which turned up nothing and the second one produced a few rabbit droppings. As my gut seems to be the likely culprit here is food intollerance/-derived autoimmunity known to cause constipation and neutropenia/infection?


I've discontinued all supplements for the time and am taking the prescribed Colofac and Optibac probiotics (Saccharomyces boulardi -5million).
Current symptoms:
The whole 9-yards of brainfog (chronic)
mild unexplained reoccuring headaches
very mild feverish symptoms


If anyone has any experience with this, please let me know!

#7 Breakthrough

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Posted 26 December 2018 - 06:33 PM

不滅の How has your condition come along?  Any changes with in the cognitive department?  I relate very closely to your symptoms.


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