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Stay Away From BrainVitaminz.com


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#1 Tasi Tsuinao

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Posted 19 July 2017 - 01:07 AM

Hello Everyone,

I know this is long winded, but I am not a spammer, I have a lot of good information to share in regards to sarcosine, and people need to know this to be careful.

So I hope the Admins/Mods, will not mind this post, since I just joined LongeCity.

I know you don't know me, I'm actually typing this to share with someone I know that has Schizophrenia, who I've been helping for several years.

I am someone that can tell you I have been heavily into Health & Nutrition for many years, and this is all I do in life now, working with mental illness, researching it, and ways to help it naturally, without drugs.

I've been really successful working with Schizophrenia through health and nutrition, and natural supplements, and not just the random babble you read online. This takes some serious work and effort, and I have been at this for 6 years full time, and I've really found things that work, so that you can stay off the drugs, and stay healthy!

And everything I've learned is also good for anyone, with any type of mental illness!

Now as you start reading this, you may be asking yourself what is Sarcosine? It is N-methylglycine, and it's an amino acid that does wonders for the mind, especially people suffering from Schizophrenia! One thing it's known for is supporting NMDA receptor function.

For a few years that I have been researching sarcosine and companies online, for the USA, unfortunately there aren't many reliable sources.

I highly suggest that you stay away from BrainVitaminz that sells sarcosine, and I will explain the reasons why.

First it starts with either deception, or stupidity, you take your pick....

1. The talk on the website is in the 'Plural' form, so this appears to be the first deception, or stupidity, because it is clear to see that there is no us involved in BrainVitaminz, because if there was, someone at some point in time would be answering the phone they have listed on the website, yet, no one ever answers the phone, no matter when you call. Also leave a message and no one ever calls you back!

2. Next if there was a 'Plural' factor going on, meaning staff, then you'd also expect email replies in a timely manner, yet these rarely occur. Bottom line, support is terrible.

3. I'm a computer Geek, and former IT Tech, I know many things computing, it's my world, and that website, for this level of business is a joke! A kid can put that up in 1-2 hours, it is not professional at all for selling a supplement, something that can cause you great harm! Consumers need more professionalism going on. You should know who you are dealing with, their backgrounds, experience, quality control, testing, etc., and this site gives you barely anything... This website tells you nothing about who and what you are dealing with on a serious professional level, and it should!

4. The address listed on the site is a location for a UPS store! That tells us, this is just someone selling you a product out of their house! A real business does not list a UPS store, they have a place of business they work from. Remember this is 2017, real business doesn't do that in the online world of eCommerce!

There are people dedicated to something like this full time, this is not one of them, and that is the only type of business you want to be dealing with, it's your LIFE!

The truth is, there are many bulk vendors overseas that you could purchase from, and do your own testing, just as much as what is going on here. Instead, what you are doing is trusting this individual with your life, that has nothing to really show for.

I do not work for profrontal.com, I am only a consumer, but I can tell you for a fact, that after talking to the owner, there is certainly a higher level of professionalism going on here, that stands way above and beyond BrainVitaminz.

Yes I get that BrainVitaminz is cheaper, but this is your life you are talking about, and you are really willing to trust it to some small time vendor like BrainVitaminz?

It's really sad that a lot of people don't care, they just tell themself, I don't have money, this is a cheaper place to make a purchase, and I will go here, and that is about all that is going into the thought process here. That is dangerous thinking, and you are playing a dangerous game with your life by doing this.

Well my pocket book would like cheaper too, but it's not worth the risk, and here's a reason why. I may be wrong, but in my research, my understanding is that all Sarcosine is coming out of China, and everyone should get that, without even having to say anything further.

But if you don't get China and need a further explanation, spend some time researching China, and you'll see, meaning, you really need to be very careful about putting something in your body that comes from this country, or any country for that matter!

What people really need is not fly by night, small time vendors, we need real top notch levels of professionalism here, and that doesn't always means it costs more, just remember that!

What I've pointed out, is what shows you the difference between a professional and someone that doesn't seem to either know what they are doing, doesn't care what they are doing, plain stupid, or being deceptive towards you!

Truthfully, maybe they said to themself, here's a need I can fill, I don't really care, and neither will they, just put up a somewhat flashy site, and I'll make business, and they'll buy it from me.

Remember this, I am a Computer Geek, this is my world, and just through certain things I have told you here, this is how you come to figure out who is good and who is bad to stay away, they are called 'Red Flags', and this so called BrainVitaminz throws up a lot of unscrupulous flags from their website.

I bet most people don't even realize, that brainvitaminz.com comes close to what phishing/scaming sites look like? It's not that far from it, but I'm not saying that this company is a phisher or scammer, what I'm telling you is this, true top notch professionals get this, so when they build a site, they make sure that it doesn't represent this type of thing.

So another possible flag, the geeks like myself look at, why did this person make their site in this manner? Again, deception or stupidity, either way,  not the kind of business you want to deal with!

What people like you and I need to do, is to start reaching out to the professionals that do not carry sacrosine and get them to start carrying it.

In the many years of my online research I came across neurobiologix.com

I do not work for neurobiologix.com, again I am just a consumer, but this has been created by Dr. Kendal Stewart.

Here's a BIO on Dr. Stewart;

So here we have a real professional business, website and a real doctor on the forefront of this technology creating products around mental illness, as part of the business!

So I don't know about you, but I will personally be contacting Dr. Kendal Stewart, and I will be keeping after them, until they carry sarcosine, or I find another professional like him online! Now this is the type of business to do business with not Brainvitaminz!


Now I wasn't trying to get anyone to start supporting or liking Neurobiologix, it wasn't the point. The only reason I showed you this doctor and company, was to show you that there are way more serious professionals then BrainVitaminz to deal with, and this is the kind of company that you want to look for when buying next from, as an example!

Some food for thought to look for and consider. Professional health companies, doctors, nutritionists, naturopaths, and nootropic companies, as an example is where you want to be looking, anyone very serious into amino acids for the mind, and mental illness!

I found one nootropic company I've reached out to that I'm impressed with what they are saying, and I don't work for them, just found them researching online;


I recommend people stay far far away from BrainVitaminz, you've been warned!

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#2 Heyguy

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Posted 27 March 2019 - 12:04 PM

Maybe we should get together as a group to let neurobiologics.com or naturalstacks.com or even nootropicsdepot.com, know, that there is an increasing demand from people to buy sarcosine

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#3 Filler

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Posted 27 March 2019 - 10:10 PM

The Z at the end is so cringey would never buy from them on that reason alone.
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