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Creative Commons/Open Source Biohacking Graphics and Animations

animations graphics

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#1 jroseland

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Posted 15 August 2017 - 11:28 AM

Over the years at not insignificant expense I've had a number of cool graphic designs and animations done to illustrate...
Nootropic ingredients 
Biohacking strategies
Lifehacking & philosophical concepts
I'm open sourcing all of these to the Biohacker community, making them available for you to download and use in your own projects...
You can download high res, backgroundless PNG versions of the graphics in this Google Drive folder
All of the animations are in this Youtube playlist
These animations are all CC so you can download them using Keepvid, edit them for your purposes and re-upload to Youtube without fear of getting a content copyright strike.
I create a lot of multi media content and I'll be updating and adding to the Google Drive and Youtube playlist frequently so you may want to bookmark them.
If you use any of this media and want to give credit you can link back to my website, Youtube channel or these exhaustive Biohacking infographics that I've created...
...But you are of course not obligated to.
Looking forward to seeing some of the cool ways that people use these graphics and animations!

#2 Advocatus Diaboli

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Posted 29 August 2017 - 02:09 AM

Thanks for the monitary click-bait, links!

#3 Advocatus Diaboli

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Posted 01 September 2017 - 07:55 PM

I'm getting tired of my post #2 link sticking around "in your face" style on the main page. So, I've rationalized that I can post some quoted material that follows later on below while still maintaining thread relevance and providing something new to read. It's an  excerpt from Robert Heinlein's "Space Cadet" and it's not off-topic because the thread contains the word "biohacking" which directly relates, I think.




"Late in the day he was ushered into a cubbyhole containing a chair, a gadget mounted on a desk, pencil and paper, and framed directions:


"If any score from a previous test," Matt read, "appears in the window marked SCORE, return the starting lever to the position marked NEUTRAL to clear the board for your test."


Matt found the window labeled "SCORE"; it had a score showing in it - "37."

Well, he thought, that gives me a mark to shoot at. He decided not to clear the board until he had read the instructions.


"After the test starts," he read, "a score of T will result each time you press the lefthand button except as otherwise provided here below:


Press the lefthand button whenever the red light appears provided the green light is not lighted as well except that no button should be pressed when the righthand gate is open unless all lights are out. If the right-hand gate is open and the lefthand gate is closed, no score will result from pressing any button, but the lefthand button must nevertheless be pressed under these circumstances if all other conditions permit a button to be pressed before any score may be made in succeeding phases of the test. To put out the green light, press the righthand button. If the lefthand gate is not closed, no button may be pressed. If the lefthand gate is closed while the red light is lighted, do not press the lefthand button if the green light is out unless the righthand gate is open. To start the test move the starting lever from neutral all the way to the right.


The test runs for two minutes from the time you move the starting lever to the right. Study these instructions, then select your own time for commencing the test. You are not permitted to ask questions of the examiner, so be sure that you understand the instructions. Make as high a score as possible."


"Whew!" said Matt.


Still, the test looked simple-one lever, two pushbuttons, two colored lights, two little gates. Once he mastered the instructions, it would be as easy as flying a kite, and a durn sight simpler than flying a copter! - Matt had had his copter license since he was twelve. He got to work.


First, he told himself, there seems to be just two ways to make a score, one with the red light on and one with both lights out and one gate open.


Now for the other instructions - Let's see, if the lefthand gate is not closed - no, if the lefthand gate is closed - he stopped and read them over again.


Some minutes later he had sixteen possible positions of gates and conditions of lights listed. He checked them against the instructions, seeking scoring combinations. When he was through he stared at the result, then checked everything over again.


After rechecking he stared at the paper, whistled tunelessly, and scratched his head. Then he picked up the paper, left the booth, and went to the examiner.


That official looked up. "No questions, please."


"I don't have a question," Matt said. "I want to report something. There's something wrong with that test. Maybe the wrong instructions sheet was put in there. In any case, there is no possible way to make a score under the instructions that are in there.""



Was Matt correct?

Edited by Advocatus Diaboli, 01 September 2017 - 08:11 PM.

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