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October 2009

Message from the Executive Director:

Among casual visitors to the Immortality Institute website there is a persistent yet false perception that it is just a forum and “nothing is getting done”.
Set aside the fact that the Institute forums might be the most active life extension forums on the net – an incredible accomplishment in itself – the Institute is busy expanding its portfolio of initiatives in pursuit of the mission. The shortlist includes continued support of cutting edge life extension conferences, multimedia advocacy, scholarships for young researchers, a successful fundraising effort to cryopreserve a lifetime member, and directly funding anti-aging research. You can read about these and other initiatives below.
Perhaps the misperception of inaction persists due to the lack of effective communication.
We hope to tackle this through the resurrection of the Institute newsletter.

Never has there been a better time for a call to action. Institute growth through increased revenue and internet presence is at an all-time high. Did you know that new registrations at the Imminst website this year are nearly 350 per month!? This compares to less than 100 per month in 2006 and 2007, and 200 per month in 2008. From the causal Internet surfer to the well-trained scientist, more and more people are finding the one spot on the net where the crowd THINKS BIG in terms of life extension. Let us turn curiosity into action.
We have established an Action Forum where you can find ways to apply your talents and share ideas.

Working together we can achieve the conquest of involuntary death sooner than anyone dreamed possible.

Justin 'Mind' Loew



  • The Immortality Institute recently raised $27,000 for research by the SENS Foundation, most of which will be spent on the study of Laser Ablation of Lipofuscin. Read more here.
  • The Institute successfully raised and matched enough money to have a lifetime member cryopreserved. William O’Rights suffered from terminal cancer but ended up with another chance at life thanks to all of your efforts. Complete details here.



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