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December 2009

Message from the Executive Director:

During this year-end holiday season I would like to take time to thank those who give. Despite all the trends and discussion pointing toward an open-source shared future and ubiquitous cheap resources derived from nanotechnology, in 2009 we still live in a world where “money talks”. It is a necessary component of any organization including the Immortality Institute. During 2009, the Institute has spent nearly $30,000 cryopreserving a lifetime member, supporting anti-aging research, and providing student scholarships among other things. A significant part of the Imminst revenue stream is member donations. Even in this time of economic turmoil, hundreds of generous people have donated to support Institute operations and initiatives. With your continued support, the Institute can aim higher and accomplish more in coming years. So I extend heartfelt gratitude to all those who give time and money to help end the suffering of aging and the prevalence of death.

Justin 'Mind' Loew



Speaking of money, the Institute has a chance to win a $25,000 grant and all it takes is a couple clicks of your computer mouse. JPMorgan Chase is giving away 100 grants valued at $25,000 a piece to those charities who get the most votes in a Facebook popularity contest. All you have to do is click your mouse and vote! Hurry, there are only a couple days left. Click here to become a fan of the Chase contest and then click here to vote for Imminst. The most recent front page feature article has more details and a list of 19 other charities worthy of your votes. Each person gets 20 votes. The deadline for voting is Friday December 11th so don't delay. Please consider using your twitter account or other social networking to promote this contest for Imminst

A second Facebook initiative is in the works revolving around funding for SENS Foundation research. Entrepreneur Peter Thiel issued a grant a few years ago that would match 50% of all donations to the SENS Foundation. This matching grant ends on December 31st of this year and the funds are not yet exhausted. SENS Foundation supporters have created a Facebook cause to collect pledges of $100 dollars from 10,000 individuals by December 25th, thus raising $1,000,000 for the SENS Foundation and an additional $500,000 from the Thiel matching grant.


Bioethics Interview: A “breath of fresh air” is one way that the audience described the recent Sunday Evening Update program with Brown University Professor of Philosophy Felicia Nimue Ackerman. Professor Ackerman held no punches in elucidating the reasons to support life extension and reject the pro-aging trance. View the full interview here.

Laser Ablation: You can continue to follow the progress of the Laser Ablation of Lipofuscin experiment here. Also, consider voting in this poll to estimate what effect the treatment will have on c. elegans lifespan. The first round of experimentation saw many worms lost to “bad plates” and thus lost statistical power. The second round is now in progress.

Writing Contest: Coming on December 15th, look for an ambitious new creative writing contest. Imminst members and registered users will be asked to submit a bit of prose (minimum 1,000 words) related to life extension or immortality. Winners will receive $88 and their article will be featured on the front page. Past writing and essay contests netted some interesting and inspiring entries. See here.


Say hi to the latest Imminst Navigator: JediMasterLucia (JML). After years of interaction and support within the Imminst forums and recent activity on the Art Team, JML was appointed to Navigator with special focus in the Art Team Forum Feel free to ask JML questions about general forum guidelines/functions and the Art Team.

See all the latest team and volunteer efforts in the Action Forum.

Imminst member Maxwatt has won the November 2009 Volunteer Prize Drawing. Congratulations! Maxwatt continues to be a valuable member of our navigation team, as well as helping keep important and informative discussions moving in the forums. He has chosen a $20 donation to the SENS Foundation for his prize.

On a related note, Imminst is currently seeking to employ a Membership Secretary. See details here. -Advocacy and Research for Unlimited Lifespans