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April 2010

Message from the Chairman:

I wish this was an Aprils fools joke, but far from springing the news on short notice Mind had the good grace and foresight to warn us all months ago that this day would come: From today, Mind has stepped down as Executive Director of the Immortality Institute. His contract expires and he chose not to renew it at this stage. I won’t attempt to speak on his behalf, but I can speak on behalf of the board in saying that we are extremely sorry to see Mind go. In truth, we don’t know how we will cope without him.
ImmInst is a community – that is its heart and DNA and it only works, every day because many people contribute to it. Funny though, how sometimes personalities stand out to steer the motley caravan, to herd the crazy cats. In the history of ImmInnst there are two people who stand head and shoulders above all others: Bruce who started it all and now Mind, who stepped up to keep the ship afloat after it lay cast adrift and rudderless. His accomplishments during the last three years were many – others may want to enumerate, but I fear that this attempt would detract from the most important contribution that he made: he was there. He was there when the going got rough, when spammers and trolls had him in their crosshairs, when irritable members or sponsors wanted a solution to their problems – or life – by yesterday afternoon, when callous calibans were breathing down his neck about tasks and targets. He was there when most of us are not: he was there when he didn’t feel like it. He was there as the MIND of
And now he won’t be.
But all is not bleak. Mind assures us that he will be in touch, that he will help out and give advice where he can. That is the greatest relief because things may well fall apart if it were otherwise. Sneakily, we hope that via that route, we will manage to lure him back in, in the long run, after he had a rest and a breather and time to relax and recuperate. We hope that Minds entrepreneurial spirit and his generosity will conspire to bring him back into the very heart of the grass roots organisation that – thanks to him – punches so effectively above its weight.

If you wish to thank Justin 'Mind' Loew for his service past and future and would like to explore how you yourself can help with ImmInst activities, now would be a great time to visit the forum.



The Pope's stance against life?

In this years Easter message, the Catholic Pope Benedict XVI has spoken out against life extension:

"Modern medical science strives, if not exactly to exclude death, at least to eliminate as many as possible of its causes, to postpone it further and further, to prolong life more and more. But let us reflect for a moment: what would it really be like if we were to succeed, perhaps not in excluding death totally, but in postponing it indefinitely, in reaching an age of several hundred years? Would that be a good thing? Humanity would become extraordinarily old, there would be no more room for youth. Capacity for innovation would die, and endless life would be no paradise, if anything a condemnation. The true cure for death must be different."

What do you think? Share your views with ImmInst Advisor Dr. Aubrey de Grey here.

ImmInst Conference

ImmInst is planning a conference in 2010. In the past, ImmInst has organised its own conferences, co-sponsored events with like-minded organisations or organised ImmInst breakout sessions at friendly gatherings. This year, we are aiming to organise another standalone ImmInst conference, most probably in Europe. All Members are asked for their views and suggestions and to register their interest in attending in the Events forum.

Creative Writing Contest - PLEASE VOTE

Submissions for the creative writing contest are now closed. The Winner will be announced in the next newsletter. All ImmInst Members are asked to vote for their favourite stories. Authors can win a cash prize as well as publication on the Imminst homepage. Find all the details here.

'Elders Advice'- Videos sought

A new creative 'contest' of sorts where we are asking members to send in short video interviews with their elders- people aged 88 years and older. What perspectives do you gain after having lived that long? What lessons do you learn? Any tips on staying alive? This is the type of advice that those interested in life extension should pause and listen to. Small prizes can be won and all entries will be published on the Imminst homepage. For terms and conditions check out

Forum Tip: 'Personalised 'Active Topics'

The ImmInst forums are such an active place, that it sometimes can feel like drowning in too much information. Many visitors to the forum enjoy the 'active topics' function - the click of a button generates a lists of topics and discussions where people have most recently responded to. However, not all of these discussions might be in areas that a member is interested in. Did you know that, thanks to an original modification devised by ImmInst volunteer maestro949, it is possible to establish a personal 'filter' that collates 'active topics' only from those forum areas that you are interested in? Check it out here.


The March 2010 volunteer prize-winner is b0gger, an ImmInst member from Russia. This is the second time since 2009 that he has won the randomly drawn prize, and the win is richly deserved for his consistent activity within the ImmInst Internetworking team. See this topic for all past volunteer prize winners and here for the most recent activities of the Internetworking team.

Please welcome Imminst member Ilia as the newest Navigator at the Institute. Ilia will focus on the ImmImst regional forums. Ilia has been a an important and committed member of ImmInst for many years and we are sure that with Ilia's help and guidance the ImmInst regional groups will get optimal support from the ImmInst website.

ImmInst Board member Sven s123 has taken on the mantle of interim Chief Navigator. He is the person to call to arbitrate disputes with a Navigators decisions. -Advocacy and Research for Unlimited Lifespans