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June 2010

Message from the Chairman:

The number 8 has special symbolic significance for some Immortalists, signifying an hourglass and the sign for infinity at once. ImmInst launched monthly newsletter on October the 8th 2010, and on the 8th of every month since. This is the 8th newsletter in this series. We hope that members and visitors appreciate this regular report, especially those who don't visit the site very often. A regular schedule has many advantages: it keeps ImmInst leadership on its toes. However, events are not always kind enough to wait for certain dates. As this newsletter is published, many very important news are on the cusp of being announce, but not 'quite' ready yet.

As a teaser, the following issues are almost ready for an announcement:

  • The outcome of the peer review for the ImmInst Science Funding Call
  • A change in the layout of the  forums
  • A change in organising Volunteer teams and projects
  • A call for new and lead volunteers
  • Exciting new Member benefits

These and other issues will have to wait until the next newsletter. We don't want to rush things, we also don't want to leave those wondering who were expecting a newsletter around this time.

We might use this opportunity to launch the next newsletter not on the 8th, but at on the more 'traditional' first day of July. Would that be a concession to the mainstream? Do you prefer a monthly newsletter or irregular intervals? What type of newsletter would you be interested in?
Now would be a great time to share your views -- 



Creative Writing Contest - WINNERS

In February 2010 ImmInst launched a short story contest amoung its visistors and Members. Deadline for submissions was the Endo of March 2010, all ImmInst Members then voted on each entry. Twelve stories were submitted and in the end it was very close. The following entries were selected: Congratulations to the winners and warm thanks to all who submitted an entry and voted on the stories.
Our future is forged by our imagination.


Elders Advice Challenge

We have slightly changed the conditions for the ImmInst 'Elders Advice' video challenge. It is now easier to submit and entry. If you have a member of your family aged 78 or older, why not grab your webcam and prepare an entry? You could learn things form your relative that you may not have expected, and even if that person does not hope to live forever, their thoughts and memories may prevail on the internet for a very long time indeed.



The April 2010 volunteer prize winners are

agent -- Joined imminst relatively recently (in December 2009) but has been active in different projects. Is a member of our Content Management team and active in the VIP outreach initiative. He lives in Poland.

niner -- has been an ImmInst Moderator (formerly Navigator) since January 2008. His special focus is the Supplements Section, where many complex and occasionally heated discussions require quality control. HE is also an active member of leadership. He lives in Pennsylvania USA.

The $25 prize is randomly drawn each month. For a trial period starting last month, the board has agreed to widen the volunteer prize to 2 winners of each month. See this topic for all past volunteer prize winners. 

Chapters: Would you like to meet people interested in life extension in your city? Why not register your interest on our regional forums? You could join, or even help organise a local chapter in your area. Check out:

Teams: A new forum function should help to make volunteering at ImmInst more easier and transparent.  Check it out here and stay tuned for further news on this feature.

If you have other ideas or suggestions regarding new initiatives, please visit the ACTION forum to share your thoughts. -Advocacy and Research for Unlimited Lifespans