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December 2010

Message from the Chairman:

This is the final ImmInst Newsletter. Why? Are we closing down? Are we giving up?
Well, we knew early on that 2010 would be a year of change – because our collective ‘Mind’ and executive Director was stepping down in early spring. We also knew that we couldn’t just replace him – the job of managing had become too much work to pile on any one persons shoulders. So we went about restructuring and distributing responsibilities. Ratified by last months Referendum, this work is now almost complete.
But we didn’t leave it at that.
These are just some of the accomplishments during 2010:

  • a major overhaul of the ImmInst forum software, implementing lots of new features and functionality including a mobile phone interface, integration with social networks, improved navigation and notification options, an interactive library for documents, videos, links, and pictures etc..

  • a new membership management system, new tools for moderation and reputation, and a revolutionary new system to recognize volunteer contributions
  • managing an ever changing roster of leaders, members, volunteers and contacts, gathering further support but  also reigning in those quirky and nefarious presences that sometimes emerge
  • a new user agreement, new bylaws and a new constitution clarifying roles and responsibilities of members and leadership and implementing a new structure of governance.
  • the first major ImmInst conference in Europe bringing together members and international experts
  • community initiatives like the creative writing contest, a volunteer prize draw and an (still unclaimed!) ‘Elders Advice’ Video Challenge prize;
  • In collaboration with RevGenetics we have pioneered a community-designed multivitamin supplement, with an amazing discount to Members:
  • We have held on to and extended other members benefits: from a discount on the Rejuvenation Research magazine, to a discount to conferences. And now we are announcing a great new supplement benefit scheme with the support of Stop Aging Now.
  • two major fundraisers for anti-aging science projects: the first one in the summer on mitochondrial uncoupling, which was a great success. A further major fundraiser on microglia stem cells is currently underway.

So all in all, I reckon we can be very proud of what we achieved this year. Why then the final ImmInst newsletter? Because, from next year on, this will be the LongeCity newsletter!
With this new flag to fly, with a new governance structure for greater effectiveness and accountability, with a buzzing community for inspiration and support, I’m sure the Immortality Institute will make an impact towards the conquest of involuntary death in 2011 and beyond.



Please consider a donation to our grass roots research fund!

Sure, this is the time of the year when everyone asks you donate to something. But if you want to make a real impact to anti-aging research, examining both causes of aging and a potential, practical cure, and led by committed life extensionists who will discuss their research and report back to the community every step of the way - PLEASE consider donating to the Microglia Stem Cell Research project and make a difference in the fight against the ravages of brain aging this season!

LongeCity - a new name for ImmInst?

From the date of the next newsletter, the main profile of our site will be branded 'LongeCity'.  However, the 'Immortality Institute' is not gone, it is still a legitimate name for our organisation and will continue to be be found in many places. Why are we doing this? In a nutshell: because our mission, to conquer the blight of involuntary death is too important to be held back by a name. But this is a long-running, complex and sometimes controversial discussion. Check the announcement below and the references therein for more background.

Stop Aging Now!

Need some vitamins and supplements to fill your stocking, or maybe as a healthy gift to a loved one?
We welcome a generous offer by Stop Aging Now to support the community with funding and great Member discounts. If you want to stock up on some vitamins against those winter blues while also supporting this life extension community website then check out their products -- special discounts are available for our Members.

STOP AGING NOW promo page!  


With the 'Thank You' or '₮' points-based system now up and running, volunteers and valued forum contributors receive these points based on their contributions, and can redeem these points at a 'virtual store' for fun items -- such a your own personal emoticon, or some small prizes or -- including free membership, Amazon gift vouchers, or even seed capital to start your own matching fundraiser.

If you have other ideas or suggestions regarding new initiatives, please visit the ACTION forum to share your thoughts.


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