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January 2011

Message from the Chairman:

So here it is, the year 2011, and the ImmInst newsletter rebranded. Just in case you are wondering about
that, you probably missed a few newsletters. Luckily, these are all archived for you at http://www.imminst.org/newsletters/. It makes for a nice review of the previous year. Speaking of archiving, in true immortalist spirit we are not fond of deleting information irrevocably. You can still find discussion threads from 2002 or trace the development of the page with the wonderful wayback machine.  This is the legacy that we will preserve and carry with us.
We have come this far, as a small grass roots community but there is no doubt that we need to go much further if we want to make a tangible difference in the scientific conquest of death. So its not the past that we look t, but the future and together we look forward to a happy, healthy and exciting new year!



Website under construction?

In the next few days and potentially weeks we will update the website again -- to complete the switch to longecity.org, to present a new frontpage and more non-forum pages, to update and refresh the forums and to implement new features and tools. This may lead to some periods where the website is not accessible. Please be patient, and wish us luck that we mange the changes with a minimum of inconvenience for everyone involved.

check out http://twitter.com/imminst for updates if the site is down.

Microglia Stem Cells Fundraiser

We are still fundraising for the Microglia Stem Cells project. And we will keep at it. This project is ambitious, complicated  and far reaching, but it is also the most serious and potentially the most significant research effort that we have ever supported.  We will keep at it until we finally find all the money to make this happen. Many thanks to all those who have already donated. These contributors demonstrate that its not just about intellectual discussions as they occur on the forums, but about being intelligent enough to identify clever projects that are not funded by the mainstream -- and about defeating the ravages of brain aging that have extinguished too many wonderful minds. Please consider being just as smart.


Director elections?

As seasoned members will recall, under the old constitution, this would be the beginning of election season. This schedule has now been changed, but that doesn't mean that Members are not warmly invited to join the ranks of leadership or get elected to the Board. 

Leadership Invitation

Stop Aging Now!

We are still developing our partnership with the folks at Stop Aging Now, who have step forward to support our community with funding and great Member discounts. Please check out their products, every purchase also helps to promote LongeCity activities. Special discounts are available for our Members. Even if you are not that interested, please let us know why. This is not just a 'promo' effort, but an experiment for our community and any feedback is very welcome!  

Stop Aging Now feedback thread 


With the 'Thank You' or '₮' points-based system now up and running, volunteers and valued forum contributors receive these points based on their contributions, and can redeem these points at a 'virtual store' for fun items -- such a your own personal emoticon, or some small prizes or -- including free membership, Amazon gift vouchers, or even seed capital to start your own matching fundraiser.

If you have other ideas or suggestions regarding new initiatives, please visit the ACTION forum to share your thoughts.


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