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April  2011

Message from the Chairman:

In the
last newsletter, I told you about the efforts for constructing LongeCity Budget for 2011. We fared a bit better than the US Congress and the budget has now been agreed with a shared ambition: we plan to spend some money! Much of that expenditure will go towards our new science initiative. We are also putting a bit of money into volunteer support, outreach and media efforts. A flagship project in that sector will be the resumed webstream broadcast, that you are warmly invited to attend this month. See you there? 



LongeCity broadcast reloaded

Since the inception of Immortality Institute, we have featured live community chats and special guest interviews. In the early days, these were held in an 'internet relay' chat room, then, during 2008-2009, we ran a series of live webcasts, moderated my the mellifluous 'Mind', who is himself an experienced broadcaster. After a period of reflection, Mind is now ready and keen to resume the show!

The schedule for this year is currently in the planning phase. If you have any suggestions for guests and topics please share them here.

The first show will feature an update on the Laser Ablation science project. If you want to tune in live, visit the streaming platform during broadcast (next date to be announced in our forum).

Since timetabling is a challenge with our international and busy user base, and in line with LongeCity's ethos of preserving information, we are now aiming to make these broadcasts available to a larger audience, by offering them as downloads in perpetuity, at various platforms. Keep an eye out on our Videos page and other announcements.

Science initiative!

During 2011, LongeCity plans to consolidate and improve its science support and information activities. We want construct a better approach to tap into the bright scientific minds in the community and use that expertise for initiatives like:

  • - more grants for innovative science and better monitoring of existing projects
  • - create a database of expertise, so that we can help to foster collaboration and support networks
  • - offer friendly peer review from business plans to grant proposals, draft papers, coursework
  • - better ways of highlighting new info on funding and scientific breakthroughs
  • - sharing information from electronic subscriptions to laboratory protocols
  • - careers: Linking project students with supervisors, job opportunities
The initiative will be open by invitation to scientists, students, and recognised experts.  If you are interested in contributing in any way, please add your name here.

Budget news: LongeCity plans to lose money!

In agreeing on a budget for 2011, the Immortality Institute board has laid out bold plans to spend more than it expects to ear in 2011. This does NOT mean that LongeCity plans to go into debt! Through careful financial management, we have accumulated some modest financial assets - but its not our mission to hoard money, it is our mission to spend it! So the current plan for the next 12 months is to spend more than we plan to take in so that our surplus funds are depleted by under 30%. This represents a commitment to   sustainability while also recognising that the time for action is NOW.
Expenditure will go towards policy, team initiatives, marketing, outreach and membership support -- and more than 40% are to be spend on the new science initiative (see above). 

Budget 2011 (Members only)


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