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August 2011


Message from the Chairman:

After the double-take one the last newsletter (apologies again) one might be forgiven to expect that LongeCity is in a slight summer lull? Our website certainly seems to be a bit slow. But, far from it! Our media work, our forum redesign efforts and our science initiative continue apace. In fact, before the month is over we have deadline for a new funding call for research applications due and a meeting planned that involves YOU. No lull in sight. Still- enjoy the summer!     


Research Funding: Applications sought!

LongeCity continues its proud tradition to support small-scale, high-impact life extension research. This round, in honour of the pioneer Robert Ettinger recently placed in cryostasis, we are looking to support a project dealing with cryopreservation, cryobiology, biostasis or a related topic.

Projects should:
- be basic or applied research but basic research should have potential for applied development
- present short updates for Members with interim data, photos from the facility etc at agreed intervals
- be led or overseen by a person with a postgraduate qualification in the relevant field or by a person with demonstrable equivalent experience
- have clearly defined interim milestones
- have a flexible project structure that can be adjusted according to the amount of money raised
- be small in scale - one or two key workers
- be short in duration - 6 months maximum
- not be confidential. LongeCity will expect open and public presentation and discussion of research results. However, confidentiality will be accepted where a manuscript is prepared for publication or where a patent is filed.

LongeCity will be able to support a project with a minimum of $2000 and up to $6000, subject to matching by other donors.
Deadline: August 31st!

>> Call for Expressions of Interest

LongeCity Design Contest Winner
We are pleased to announce the winner of our recent Design Contest: Wendy Stolyarov is an illustrator, graphic artist, and voice actress who specializes in digital painting and voiceovers. (Her work can be found at http://wendystolyarov.artworkfolio.com/ )

Wendy's entry shows a thoughtful appreciation of our re-design strategy. While we can't expect her to shoulder the entirety of it, her submission shows real potential to deliver an improved forum design and navigation superstructure.

>> Winning design draft

LongeCity Now podcast!

Justin Loew, our Multi-Media-MIND presents us with not just one but two cracking interviews this month:
-- Barry Ptolemy - Director of 'Transcendent Man' a new film about life extension advocate Ray Kurzweil, shares his perspective on interest in transhumanist thought in Hollywood 

-- Daniel Kimble - Coordinator of the SENS academic research initiative about new projects and how SENS and LongeCity can work more closely together on science projects and research.

also, have you seen his video footage on the LongeCity billboard that we put up in frosty Michigan earlier this year?     

>> If you have suggestions for Justin about future shows, let him know
Website slow?

In the past few weeks we have noticed the forums reacting quite slowly at times. We are not quite sure why this is the case but our committed engineers (thanks to Rwac) with he help of our great friends at webhost Canaca are busy looking into the problem. Any assistance or suggestions forum users may have to offer would of course be welcome.
If we canít quite get to the bottom of it, there is a plan B: a new version of our forum software has been released. We are holding out see how this version settles in elsewhere and bugs get identified. But since the new version promises not just some interesting new features but also better functionality and greater speed, me might decide to bring forward the upgrade into this month. So, in either event, please bear with us while we work to improve functionality. 

If the website is really misbehaving, you can always visit our facebook page - for example check out the recent mirrored poll: Which method of life extension are you most interested in?
Supporting Informal Regional Meetings: End of August!

While the forums are our primary meeting place, it is nice to meet in person sometimes. In some years, (like last year in Brussels) we hold formal conferences, but it has also become a bit of a 'tradition' that Immortality Institute friends and members meet informally in a Cambridge pub prior to the bi-annual SENS conference. This year we'd like to invite Members around the world to join in, even if you can't make it to the UK!

During the last week of August, if you want to organise a small informal meeting of LongeCity members or like-minded people in your area, please let us know about it! There is a bit of sponsorship money available to help you hire a room, or buy a round of drinks etc.

 >> If you are interested, get in touch with our >TeamsCoordinator or write to support@imminst.org now!
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