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January 2012    
  A Happy 2012 to all members and supporters. Lets join together again to make a real difference to life extension research and advocacy!



Cryo Research Fundraiser!  

LongeCity continues its proud tradition to support small-scale, high-impact life extension research. This round, in honor of the pioneer Robert Ettinger recently placed in cryostasis, we were looking to support a project dealing with cryopreservation, cryobiology, biostasis or a related topic.

After a call for proposals, out of several good submissions, the Board, in consultation with knowledgeable peer reviewers drew up a shortlist of two finalists, and the final selection was left to ImmInst Members in a referendum.

The winning project has now been selected:"Uncovering the mechanisms of cryoprotectant toxicity" by Joao Pedro de Magalhaes and Soren Stirling, University of Liverpool, UK

We are raising funds in support of this project UNTIL MARCH 1st 2012.

In the portfolio of life extension research efforts, cryopreservation is a field that is very poorly funded. This is precisely where even a small community like LongeCity can make a real impact.
Please consider making a donation, however small, and please spread the word as widely as possible to other potential donors. Every cent will donated will be matched by LongeCity up to an amount of $6000.

As a SPECIAL BONUS: if, together, we manage to support the project at least to a level where it can commence (~$10.000 = 5K from public donations) by the deadline then LongeCity will also support the runner-up project proposed by Ben Best, Aschwin & Chana deWolf to study the effect of blood washout and vitrification perfusion in a small animal mode, with a seed funding contribution of $1500l!!

>> Cryopreservation Fundraiser
LongeCity Interviews 2012  

Our famous podcast is set to resume in 2012. In time, experienced broadcaster 'Mind' has interviewed a veritable list of guests, from internationally known experts in life extension science to activists and innovators in the field. Already, he has lined up three excellent guests from across the world for interfviews in January and he is looking for suggestions for questions and suggestions for other guests in 2012.  

>> Broadcast Forum
Join our Folding@home Team!

LongeCity is not just an online platform, our members sometimes meet locally and not just to chat but to effect change for life extension on a local and national level. This month our friends in Israel lead the way in their country with some proactive initiatives. If you are interested to link up with local fellows or to get involved, just drop us a line and we'll see what we can do.       

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