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September  2012    

LongeCity Research Fundraiser 2012: Deadline Extended ! 

We have decided to extend the deadline for expressions of interest into September. 
LongeCity will be able to support a project with a minimum of $2000 and up to $8000, subject to matching by other donors. For specifications and further details see here

C60-'Buckyball' mouse experiments at home? 
The interest in the potential life-extending effect of C60 fullerenes in olive oil continues unabated in the LongeCity community and some Members are planning to co-ordinate 'citizen scientist' experiments at home.
Read here about this initiative and how you can learn from and contribute to the data generated.

Actions Log 
In the past, the Teams Coordinator kept an eye out for all contributions to the LongeCIty community and the common cause. Keeping this list has proved a complex task. For now, we are reverting to a system of self-declarations and nominations.
In this thread, everyone is invited to declare actions that they have taken to advance the community or the cause. If you have any questions about the system or what kind of actions *you* could help with please contact the TeamsCoordinator.

VIMMORTAL, the first crowdsourced anti-ageing multivitamin is due for a re-launch. It has taken a while, while the community discussed tweaks in the formulation, but now we are hoping to renew the arrangement with our great partners at RevGenetics very soon. With a bit of luck, VIMMORTAL II should be available before the end of the year.  Check the Vimmortal project forum for updates. 



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