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December 2012    

Advertising @ LongeCity in 2013
LongeCity is providing some space on its bustling webpage for affiliated advertisers to promote their services, products and ideas. Revenue from such ads goes straight into funding life extension research and advocacy projects. (For more information about the 'philosophy' behind advertising at LongeCity see this article.)  
As a volunteer-run organization we would like to keep the admin and time commitments for identifying and negotiating advertising opportunities low and to have some planning security, so we are focusing on a campaign to establish the advertising framework for 2013. 
There are numerous ways to advertise at LongeCity. Potential advertisers please check out this page.

Ad contest for life extension
Ads are not only something we feature- we want to advertise ourselves as well! To this end, we are conducting an open competition for a pro-life extension advertisement that can also be used to draw people to LongeCity. Ads can be entered in two categories (or both) 
- 'meme' - this ad has a powerful message in itself. It works as an image to convey something about life extension. 
- 'click' - this ad attracts 'clicks', it makes the viewer intrigued or curious about following the link in the ad. Obviously, the interest should be life-extension related (no misleading ads) 
Prize: 2x$100 (per category) transferred to a paypal account.    
Submission deadline: Jan.21st 2012. 

HEALES Conference -Success!   

Earlier this month, a high-caliber group of researchers and life extension advocates met in the 'European Capital' Brussels to discuss cutting-edge biocenology findings, alongside current research developments  and the initiative for a European 'healthy aging' policy. LongeCity was honored to support the event in part through its small grants scheme. Many LongeCity Members convened in the chilly streets and warm coffee places at and around the conference to talk and to listen, to network and strategize.
The lectures have been recorded and will be shared online. 
Check this topic for pictures and information from the event!

C60-'Buckyball' mouse experiments at home 
The 'citizen science' approach to C60 research is coming together:  the volunteer researchers have registered and gathered and first data is flowing in. A fundraiser to support the initiative has met its initial goalpost.     
Read here about this initiative and how you can learn from and contribute to the data generated.
You can still support the programme with your donation

VIMMORTAL II - shelved
VIMMORTAL, the first crowdsourced anti-ageing multivitamin was launched in 2010. After gathering experiences and suggestions during the first successful run production run, we had firm plans to re-launch the supplement. The community and experts came together to discuss the ingredients and formulation. Everyone agreed on a new, optimized formula. We passed the improved recipe to the supplement company RevGenetics who had previously agreed to produce VIMMORTAL. However, RevGenetics were unable to resume production. Readers of this newsletter will remember how the date for the re-launch was pushed back time and again. Now we have to accept that RevGenetics is unable to provide the supplement to the community after all. This is a disappointing setback for the project, in which LongeCity was at the forefront of connecting supplement sellers and consumers in an innovative dialogue at the cutting edge of nutritional supplement design. However, we are very proud of this effort and the experience and data generated by it. The VIMMORTAL formula is 'open source' and we are optimistic that another manufacturer/seller will see the opportunities of connecting with directly with the life extension community to provide the 'ideal' supplement solution.  
Statement here

Member Questions 
This year, In 2012, we scrapped the monthly membership scheme. Overall, the experiment seems to have gone well, we have a growing core of yearly members. In planning the Strategy for 2013, we are asking our members a few important questions.  We are trying to understand why people are members and how LongeCity should be run.  
Please take a moment to answer, it really helps leadership and the community to get a better understanding of where the priorities are or should be. 
These important polls are listed here (Members only link) 

Podcasts this month 
After a resoundingly successful relaunch throughout 2012, the  LongeCity interview podcasts conclude the year with a triplicate treat: 

‣ Dr. Kenneth Hayworth, co-founder of the Brain Preservation Foundation and Prize. Topics range from current cognitive science and neuroscience to plastination and cryonics.
‣ Dr Joao Pedro De Magalhaes of Liverpool University about the genomics of aging, aging research in general, and his (LongeCity-cosponsored) research on cryoprotectant toxicity.
‣ Aubrey DeGrey of the SENS Foundation. Topics range from current to future SENS research, job opportunities at SENS, persuading more people to support life extension and future conferences.

A warm thanks to Mind for keeping the show o the road! He needs your help picking good guests to interview and good questions to ask them. Share your suggestions here.



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