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January 2013    

Happy new year! Have you made a new years resolution? If you are looking to orient your time towards life extension initiatives, maybe you could help us develop a primer for life extension careers


But there are many other questions: Later this spring, LongeCity leadership will formulate plans and priorities for 2013 - but before we can do that, we need to hear form our Members. If you haven't heard, we are in the midst of a consultation exercise trying to find out more about the LongeCity membership, your habits, preferences, and priorities. 
We are asking for policy input e.g. on the advertising framework, leadership performance and volunteering preferences and which topics Members would like to see featured during 2013.    
-> These important polls are listed here (Members only) 
-> Those who are not Members - we would like to hear from you too!  

Droplet is working to finalize a booklet showcasing reasons why real people support life extension.
She would welcome your feedback. 

Win $100! - Ad contest for life extension 

Submission deadline: Jan.21st 2012.

Advertisers sought for 2013 
Potential advertisers please check out this page.

Contacting LongeCity 
To streamline correspondence, we are currently trialing a new contact form.

During 2012 LongeCity featured interviews with many notables in life extension. 
Share your suggestions for guests in 2013 here.


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