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February 2013    

Preparing the 2013 agenda 
Throughout January, Immortality Institute Members were polled on a variety of topics. We were also asking non-members for their views on membership and volunteering. The board will now consider this feedback and start to consolidate plans in order to prepare for the constitutional budget discussions in March. 
- To help support and shape LongeCity plans, you are warmly invited to the LongeCity support fundraiser
- On that note, we are still inviting expressions of interest in fixed advertiser slots in 2013.  

Thanks 'brokenportal'!  
Eric 'Brokenportal' Schulke joined the LongeCity Board in Feb.2009 and has elected to retire his directorship after 4 years to the day. As Director, he oversaw the change from ImmInst to LongeCity and was instrumental in many of the outreach initiatives in the last few years. His particular interest lies in creating a mass movement for life extension and he continues to be active in that role. We hope that Eric will join the ranks of the  LongeCity Guardians and continue, in time, to help with many initiatives for life extension advocacy. 
Members Topic here

In recognition of Brokenportal's contribution, we are featuring an 2010 article in which he presents a spirited argument not just against the 'mainstream' aims of anti-aging research but also, with his heroes through the ages, for the "fierce urgency of now" in life extension. 
Healthy Aging Is Not Enough 

Welcome 'Lister'!
We welcome Lister as Moderator for the 'round table discussion' section (specialty pending). He registered in June 2012 and joined the Immortality Institute a few months later. He brings invaluable experience in forum moderation and has already contributed a lot to leadership discussions.
Write for us 
With the input from Members, a shortlist of topics has been drawn up that we are inviting short articles for. 
List of open (paid) commissions.

And the winner is... 

A winning entry has been selected for our 'life extension ad' contest.


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