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March 2013    

Budget month 
LongeCity does not make a lot of money, but through donations and advertising we take in more than our modest running costs. Of course we  don't want to keep this surplus idle but spend it on our mission! 
Each year, we draw up a 'spending plan' -our budget- that charts what we aim to spend money on.  
In 2012, we had ambitious plans to spend an (for LongeCity) unprecedented amount of money - and we failed miserably! One factor was that we were hoping to support -as in previous years- a major scientific research project. Unfortunately, no proposal of significant caliber was received. Also, take-up of our small grants scheme was very slow. Unfortunately, spending money is not as easy as it sounds. 
It's a nice problem to have, but clearly, we have to do better in 2013. So, with some cash reserves in hand, the question leadership is deliberating these days is how we can draft a sensible and responsible budget for 2013 that we can actually administer and that achieves maximum benefit for our common cause.         
Member discussion.  

LongeCity Radio
This month two great audio podcasts interviews with:
o- Dr. Marios Kyriazis - an experienced biogerontologist and life extension veteran on anti-aging lifestyle and strategy.     

o-Dr. Bill Andrews - President and CEO of Sierra Sciences on telomerase induction technology 

LongeCity has always relied on its users base to police quality of forum content. Now, all Immortality Institute Members are 'deputy moderators' if they want to be. All full Members have been given the power to render inappropriate posts invisible by clicking the STOP! button at the bottom of the offending post. 
We trust our Members not to abuse this option and are grateful to all who use it actively to help the Moderators rid the forums of spam and nonsense. 
More info here.  
Write for us 
With the input from Members, a shortlist of topics has been drawn up that we are inviting short articles for. 
List of open (paid) commissions.


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