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May 2013  

LongeCity Science Funding: 2013 Call   
LongeCity continues to support small-scale, high-impact life extension research by multiplying community crowdfunding in 2013. As we did not find a good project to support in the last period, we are now doing something unprecedented: we are planning to not just double but treble any donations received in support of the chosen project! Total projects cost can be from $2K to $20K. Interested scientists apply now!      

>> Call tender HERE (please share)

Urgent: cryonics hardship support   
LongeLongeCity, in collaboration with the Venturists is still raising funds for the urgent cryonics hardship case of Aaaron Winborn who suffers from motor neurone disease (Lou Gehrig's -ALS). Donations received through this fundraiser will be used only for the purposes of bona-fide cryonics hardship cases. Should we fail to reach the aim in this case or not be able to use the funds, the donations received will be integrated into our 'Bill O Rights Cryonics charity fund and will be used to support others in need of cryonics support. 

>> Further information & donate link

Supplements Database  
LongeCity is planning to launch a couple of new features this year. We are discussing plans to set up a database that lists supplements, food additives, OTC medicines etc. The resource will be in the hands of the LongeCity community to populate, maintain and quality control. A small amount of money has been set aside to finance coding effort and perhaps incentivise a few initial entries to get the ball rolling.
Before we move ahead, we would are canvassing views from the community regarding any points to consider, suggestions, preferences, technical advice etc.

>> Your suggestions here

Quiz contest 
One of the brandnew features is our 'Quiz system', still very much in development this is a fun tool to strengthen the educational aspects of our site. As almost all other content on LongeCity, quizzes are community-generated, so it will be as fun and useful as you want it to be. To launch the quiz system there is a PRIZE for the best NEW quiz contributed between now and June 18th 2013. The winner(s) can choose between a cash prize, vouchers or other rewards.       

>> Quiz page


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