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September 2013  

LongeCity Science Funding 
After careful consideration of a very competitive round this year, we are delighted to have identified a research team and project that we can warmly recommend for community funding:
Mitochondria, the power plants of the cell, contain their own DNA. Unlike the nucleus, mitochondria lack an efficient system to repair damaged DNA and this damage accumulates over time.  In this project, engineered mitochondrial genes will be used to restore function to cells that contain defective mitochondrial genes.
The project is lead by Dr. Matthew 'Oki' O'Connor, former Post-Doctoral Scholar at the Bioengineering Department University of California Berkeley (PI: I.M.Conboy), now a Senior Researcher at the SENS Research Foundation. 

- All donation received during this fundraiser will be trebled by LongeCity!  

Local Events    
Earlier this month, many other LongeCity members attended the SENS conference in Cambridge. It was great to see so many long time companions again and just as great meeting new ones. This was another reminder that while LongeCity's main presence is online, in-person meetings are an important part of community dynamics. 

Accordingly, LongeCity is proud to sponsor local events such as the Radical Life Extension Conference in Washington DC this weekend. 

Another opportunity to get together locally is just coming: Groups across the globe are supporting the initiative to celebrate an International Longevity Day on October 1st! 

Planck's Picture of Progress  
Columnist Franco Cortese takes issue with the notion that 'science advances one funeral at a time'.      
Read the article

Member consultation - Nuanced Feedback

What do you think about a system of giving more specific feedback to forum posts at the click of a button? Members comments sought here 

Site functions - Reminders & Updates

This month: a reminder about the LongeCity 'ThankYou' system of community merits.      



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