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January 2014  

2014... what should we do?   
With the new year underway, we are launching a period of dialogue and consultation about LongeCity's aims and objectives in 2014. We have to wrestle with leadership changes, and the general lack of personnel and volunteers at LongeCity. Limited funds mean we have to be very thrifty and focused about how best to pursue our mission with financial means while changing paradigms challenge us as a community to come up with new ideas and projects. 
All Members and affiliates are asked to chime in on these questions. The ideas developed during this consultation will shape the course for LongeCity during 2014 and beyond: members survey.

Leadership changes
After many years of great service, our treasurer, Shepard has announced that he will have to step down from that  role due to changing work commitments. He will remain on the Board as a Director without officer portfolio. In a managed transition, the key officer position of treasurer position will be taken up by Mind who has ample experience in that role as LongeCity's first ever treasurer. However, Mind will have to scale down his activities under his concurrent appointment as LongeCity Secretary. 
On this occasion, a reminder about the open invitation to join the LongeCity leadership. Serving as an officer for a time is also a good way to join the LongeCity Board as a Director or the exalted ranks of our Guardians. But if you just want to dip your toe in we now have a new option:

Guest Editors  
We are considering an initiative for monthly editors throughout 2014. Editors have free reign over LongeCity's outlet channels for a month. A lead guest editor can freely choose topics and priorities, shape forum discussions, commission articles, write themselves and launch initiatives. They would be invited to contribute to on-going discussions in the leadership area during their tenure. Editors would be paid a small stipend and be given a budget to invest freely - the amounts might vary and still depend on what kind of budget we implement. At this point, we are seeking expressions of interest from Members and affiliates to become editors.
Expressions of interest can be registered here 

Monthly forum feature  
Since the web learned to do more than text there has been a great interest in sharing images and facebook, instagramm, picasa etc. are manifestations of that. LongeCity's own little picture-sharing is the 'GALLERY' where users have uploaded graphics from personal pics, to scientific graphs and 'promotional' and 'inspirational' pictures for life extension. Check it out and contribute!  



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