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September 2014  

International Longevity Day 2014

LongeCity is encouraging local groups around the world to meet on or around October 1 the International Day of Older Persons.  Last year, over 30 groups worldwide connected on this date sharing ideas and inspiration regarding anti-aging research and advocacy. Coordinated by Ilia Stambler, LongeCity is supporting local meetings in 2014, providing logistical and financial support where required. 
CLICK HERE to get involved in organizing events in your area

one thing the groups may wish to discuss is our current...   

Research Fundraiser: effects of c60 on human cancer proliferation in vivo

is led by life-extension trailblazer Kelsey Moody. It is interesting that he turns the attention of his new venture Ichor Therapeutics to the potential health effects of 'buckyballs' - a topic that has received significant attention on LongeCity ever since it was claimed in a scientific report that rats fed on olive oil infused with these structures experience dramatically increased maximal lifespans (review). 
True to its mission, LongeCity hosts the leading international discussion forum on this topic. Previously, the LongeCity community has come together to fund further grassroots research on C60 in mice and these studies are on-going. Meanwhile though, in keeping with the pioneer spirit often found on the LongeCity forums, reports have come in from people trialing C60 in olive oil on themselves. As Kelsey points out, the long-term safety of this has yet to be established, and this project is particularly interested in whether C60 in olive oil has cancer-inducing properties or conversely, a tumor–suppressing function. To investigate this, the team  plans to infuse a total of 25 mice with C60-olive oil of various strengths or with an inert ‘control’ solution, graft a human cancer cell line to the mice and study the results. (Full research proposal
If the fundraiser succeeds it will further support the revolutionary notion of stakeholder-oriented, grass-roots science which complements, challenges and enriches academic research at those junctures that the community actually cares about. Moreover and perhaps even more importantly the fundraiser will help to built capacity and community interface at a dedicated life-extension research facility. Already, Ichor has housed an intern on a LongeCity stipend (Report- Members only). 
Ultimately, we hope to create a network of such community-friendly labs around the globe, to provide aspiring young scientists with training and networking and all members with easily accessible sources of expert advice.

This project is the first to run on an external fundraising page that has received an official ‘endorsement’ from LongeCity. The team has mooted the project at LongeCity, submitted for formal peer review and informal members comments and the board looked into the ability of the team to use the donated money responsibly and to deliver success (Internal link here).  In the end, the project received a high rating of 3 stars and LongeCity decided to match each dollar donation from our general funds. And, awesomely, a generous Member immediately stepped forward to match them as well!

This means we only need to raise $6.000 via the crowdfunding page at indiegogo
please give generously and spread the word! 

Forum updates 

If you haven't visited for a while, you'll notice that we have revised the navigation menu and are testing various feedback options.         

LongeCity Podcast
From the earliest days, LongeCity/ImmInst has featured interviews from the Life Extension 'scene' and beyond. For the last few years LongeCity Director Mind has hosted a regular podcast, relaying questions from our membership and getting a news and  from dozens of notable guests. 
He is now joined by Peter Caramico, who will co-host and produce the show. Under Peter's auspices, we hope to get to a higher frequency of productions: aiming for at least one 'interview' show and a second, more informal 'chat' per month.  
Visit the podcast section to suggest interview questions and new guests and listen to previous shows. 


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