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October 2014  

International Longevity Day 2014: SUCCESS! 

Coordinated by Ilia Stambler, LongeCity was encouraging local groups around the world to meet on or around October 1 the International Day of Older Persons. As Ilia observes in his interim report: the many longevity themed events that were scheduled or are happening coincidentally all emphasize the tremendous importance of research and development in biology of aging and longevity for the health, well-being and longevity of older persons. 

...among the above events, perhaps one stands out in particular...  

The  LongeCity co-sponsored Second Eurosymposium on Healthy Ageing (EHA2014) brought together the some of the highest caliber of biogerontology researchers and advocates in Europe. 
Many thanks to LongeCity director Sven Bulterijs and the great team at HEALES for organizing. 
Watch out for clips and reports from the event on LongeCity    

...LongeCity will continue to support such local groups and events not just for the month of October....

Support more local events  
While LongeCity aims presents a virtual meeting platform for contributors around the world, we always encourage local get-togethers as well. Check out the initiative page for making local connections, make sure you update your profile. Our ASEC PerC discusses in his personal blog what kind of activities local groups might consider - share your views and suggestions.    
You can also help fund support for groups in poorer regions of the globe either with a donation, or by buying Ilia's new book a History of Life-Extensionism in the Twentieth Century. 

...while you can still support local meetings, another fundraiser has already completed....

Research Fundraiser: SUCCESS! 

We are thrilled to report that the research fundraiser investigating "effects of c60 on human cancer proliferation in vivo" (full research proposal) has reached its goal of raising just over $6000 in record time
Many thanks to all who contributed to this initiative - and in particular to David Gobel of Methuselah Foundation and Dan Stoicescu for their generous support.  
Principal Investigator Kelsey Moody has confirmed that 'the mice are on order' and the Ichor Therapeutics team is ready to start the research project very soon.  
This success supports the LongeCity perspective of stakeholder-oriented, grass-roots science which complements, challenges and enriches academic research at those junctures that the life extension community actually cares about. Moreover and perhaps even more importantly the fundraiser will help to built capacity and community interface at a dedicated life-extension research facility. Stay tuned for research updates and reports!

...and the next initiative has already been launched...

SENS support fundraiser 
The 2014 Fight Aging! Fundraiser aims to raise $50,000 by the end of 2014 in support of the SENS Research Foundation. Every $1 donated will be matched with an additional $2!! 
This fundraiser has been accredited under LongeCity's community fundraisers scheme. This was an easy call to make (members topic here). Reason is a LongeCity Guardian (former Director) who maintains a consistently great news service to the community via Fight Aging. SENS is considered by many the foremost research and advocacy organisation for biomedical life extension. 
The question is, whether LongeCity members can support this effort in addition to donating and securing matched funding. Reason has already shown how it's done in a successful promotion via reddit.  
How else can one contribute? - Discussion here

...many of these initiatives could be enhanced or accompanied by videos...

Forum features: Video sharing  

Video clips from youtube and similar sites can simply be embedded into forum posts with a 'media tag' or a link. But there is another way of sharing videos on LongeCity: the "videos" feature helps to catalogue, consolidate, and curate clips - optimal for those in search of one of a few good videos to watch on a given theme. Each entry into the feature also auto-generates a new thread in an appropriate sub-forum for discussion and optimal visibility. As usual, prolific contributors will be awarded 'thank you' points. Why not share your favorite life extension clip today?      


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