LongeCity Newsletter 
May 2015  

LongeCity Vacancies & Commissions  
LongeCity is a firmly volunteer-based organisation, aiming to respond flexibly to support volunteer-led initiatives. But we still have a need for help in specific areas. 
The newly revised Commissions Forum collates currently open calls and vacancies, with rewards for qualifying volunteers ranging from reputation points to financial compensation.    

Results: C60 in myeloid leukemia mouse model     
In fall 2014, Longecity supported a crowd-funding initiative for a small study to assess the potential effects of C60 'buckballs' in olive oil on a mouse model of acute myeloid leukemia. The results are now in.

Sponsor: MitoQ.com     
This newsletter and some of the work of LongeCity was supported by MitoQ.com - delivering antioxidant protection directly to mitochondria. See here for a special discount only available to Immortality Institute Members.   



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