LongeCity Newsletter 
August 2015  

The 2015 LongeCity Project is.... ??? 
For many years, we traditionally had one 'major' project fundraiser per year. Recently, we have changed to a 'certification' scheme where external fundraisers receive LongeCity support based on a 'star' rating. There is more money available to support good projects on a matching basis than ever before, but for months, we have not received any applications for certification. Now, there are some indications that projects like this are in the planning phase. 
This will mean that LongeCity mobilizes its peer review network (are you registered?). Asking a reviewer to look at two or three projects at the same time can make things easier from an admin perspective and lead to more balanced outcomes. 
Sooo... if YOU have been thinking about applying for matching funding, NOW would be a great time to send your outline.  Contact form.  

LongeCity Leadership Conference Call 
Often, 'official' proceedings at LongeCity start in a secluded leaders sub-forum, and are later shared internally with the greater membership in the 'Immortality Institute' forum. In the past, we sometimes had regular teleconferences, these are less frequent now in favor of written correspondence. Still, with an international and internet-based organisation such as LongeCity, the occasional encounter with the voice and face behind the screen helps team- and relationship building. Some deliberations can actually be easier, more efficient, nuanced and less prone to misunderstanding in 'voice' conversation.
So, we are aiming to hold a virtual leadership 'meeting' in the next few weeks, and we would like to invite Members to suggest topics for discussion in the internal forums or via the contact form.  

Podcast: Kathleen Kelly, Intern  
Kathleen Kelly is a physicist who is studying enzymatic methods of combating age-related macular degeneration during a LongeCity- supported Summer Internship at Ichor Therapeutics. Listen here 

Sponsor: MitoQ.com     
This newsletter & some of the work of Longecity was supported by MitoQ.com - delivering antioxidant protection directly to mitochondria. See here for a special discount only available to Immortality Institute Members.   



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