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November 2015  

FightAging! SENS Research Fundraiser 2015
The annual SENS research support fundraiser coordinated by FightAging is making excellent progress. Between now and the end of 2015, every dollar you donate to the SENS Research Foundation will be matched from a  $125,000 matching fund provided by generous philanthropists. 
In its own small way, LongeCity is making a contribution to the effort. 
Between now and December 25th 2015 LongeCity will contribute to the fundraiser:     
- $0.10 for every “Thank You Point” point send by users to the (virtual) account “ThankSENS
- $1 for every $1 paid as reward to anyone responding to an open “call for commissions” by LongeCity
- $1 for every “like” of LongeCity on facebook over 4000

If you have further ideas about supporting the fundraiser- please share them in this topic.  
Affiliate Labs
across the globe, in universities, research institutes, and in companies and garages there are groups  passionate and dedicated about making a contribution towards eradicating the blight of involuntary death. 
Over the years, LongeCity has partnered fruitfully with such labs and LongeCity members have joined or even founded them. They can be the host to promising projects, training facility for young scientists interested in the topic, and an important community resource for scientific and technical expertise. Yet until now, LongeCity has no 'official' register of such 'friendly' labs and no defined ways of partnering with them. We are hoping to change this soon. Topic here.           
Podcast: James Barrat  
interview with author and documentary filmmaker James Barrat author of "Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era"  Listen here 

Also, check out and suggest questions for our next scheduled interviews including an upcoming interview with 
SENS foundation director Aubrey de Grey.  

This month's newsletter & some of the work of Longecity was supported by: 

- delivering antioxidant protection directly to mitochondria. See here for a special discount only available to Immortality Institute Members.  

Unfortunately, when the newsletter went out we erroneously credited "MindCTRL" as a sponsor who was offering an alleged special discount available to Immortality Institute Members. It currently looks like the company is not honoring its liabilities and not delivering customer orders. Please be cautious! 



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