LongeCity Newsletter 
November 2015  

FightAging! SENS Research Fundraiser 2015 - SUCCESS! 
The annual SENS research support fundraiser coordinated by FightAging has reached its target of $125,000 and thus marked the unprecedented milestone of raising a quarter million with matching funds. 
Discuss (& celebrate) here.  
Even though the this fundraiser is now successfully closed, SENS is still continuing a separate matching initiative and for the next few days until Dec 25th, LongeCity still offers the opportunity for users to make "indirect" donations by pledging $0.10 for every “ThankYou Point” at the  “ThankSENS” account,  $1 for every “like” of LongeCity on facebook and $1 for every $1 paid as reward to anyone responding to an open “call for commissions”. 
Member Invitation Programme
LongeCity has an 'inner circle' of Members called the "Immortality Institute". Anyone can apply to join  this over 300 strong group and gain the right to co-determine the plans and policies of our our non-profit organisation.  In order to attract more talent and support, we are now launching a new programme where existing Immortality Institute Members can suggest that certain new people are invited to join on a free 1-year membership. Please see here for details (Members only)     
Year-end reminders
We are still looking for affiliate labs;
still invite writers to submit articles; 
and have several open calls for other projects. 
Hurry, these calls and opportunities will be reviewed in the new year.           
Podcast: Aubrey  de Grey
even before the conclusion of the fundraiser, LongeCity members had a chance to pose questions to SENSF  founder Aubrey de Grey. In this interview Dr. de Grey really respects his audience by not rehearsing familiar arguments and instead discusses very interesting novel developments in life extension at an advance level.    Listen Here 

Suggest future guests and questions for our upcoming interviews here - now also available on i-tunes.   

This month's newsletter & some of the work of Longecity was supported by: 

- delivering antioxidant protection directly to mitochondria. See here for a special discount only available to Immortality Institute Members.  



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