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January  2016  

happy new year!

Looking back...

Fundraiser success!
Even well before its deadline on New Years Eve, the matching fundraiser coordinated by LongeCity’s former Director Reason has successfully concluded with a record-breaking amount.

The good people at SENS Foundation will be thrilled and challenged to leverage this funding to optimum effect in a dynamic scientific landscape. Thus, while we often look back at the year in the January newsletter, it may be much more interesting to, again, rely on Reason to share his look back at longevity science in 2015.  

...and looking ahead 

Every year around this time, we are prepping plans for the year ahead and we ask for “ideas and idealists” – that means we are not just looking for suggestions about what could be done, but also for the people who are ready to step up and do it. 

The internal conversations from previous years are still very relevant and Immortality Institute Members are warmly invited to add to them further- But, this year, I’d like to try a very focused effort at consultation that involves specifically those who can envisage leading projects and getting involved in LongeCity governance. 
Our latest members invite scheme plays a part in this – so if you can think of talented people (whether established in the life-extension community or still discovering the idea) who are not currently present at LongeCity NOW would be the time to nominate them. 
Any Members who are happy and interested in co-determining our plans for 2016 please register here

One thing that really picked up in 2015 was our long-standing podcast. We are now planning a new line-up of  interesting guests to be interviewed on the show - please share your suggestions.         


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