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April  2016  

new Advisor: John Furber 

After calculation, forecasting, consultation and discussion the 2016 budget setting and planning process is now concluded.
The key initiative (with over 50% of the budget) is a dedicated support for our 'affiliate labs' - these are small but dedicated research groups in the US and Europe with a firm focus on the LongeCity mission and a personal link to the LongeCity community. These labs will be granted a student support stipend and access to a joint fund for further small projects. The aim of this initiative is to strengthen the links with these labs, to ensure that their expertise and scientific perspective is accessible to all members on a regular and informal basis.   
The following other elements are included in the budget:
Officers (ca.13%). LongeCity will continue to support some key volunteers with a nominal stipend. Officer roles include president, membership secretary, treasurer, lead editor, lead engineer and lead navigator. All of these roles are grateful for support and open to sharing the responsibilities and rewards associated. In fact, a great way of understanding how LongeCity functions is to volunteer as an assistant to one of these officers.
Other initiatives support (ca 12%). This includes or small grants scheme, a revised scheme for accreditation of crowdfunding initiatives and a new initiative for 'regimen results' -- this will be explained in an upcoming announcement.
Content: (ca. 6%). The continuation of the Adopt a Forum scheme, the commissioned articles, support for our regular podcasts, and some improvement of site features such as our 'lading page'.
Social Initiatives (ca. 8%) includes support for local meetings and travel stipends, as well as support for prizes based on our thank you system. 
internal planning

Following the announcements in Jan/Feb, LongeCity leadership and those ImmInst members who expressed an interest are now in the intensive phase of planning the 2016 annual budget. Significant spending plans have been proposed for the affiliate labs programme. Until ratification the discussions are locked to the working group. At this busy time it also seemed a good idea to (a) remind all Immortality Institute Members of the special confidentiality rules that apply to the internal forums and (b) implement a new feature... 

new forum feature: "I'm away"     

LongeCity is home to many residents coming and going: some are here a lot, others check in only once in a blue moon. Some conversations are happening almost in real time, others can evolve over months and even years. To provide greater clarity whether they can be expected react more or less promptly, Immortality Institute Members now have the option to set an 'away' message that is displayed on their profile and on every post. 

podcast: Liz Parrish    
In this months podcast, Mind interviews Liz Parrish CEO of BIOVIVA USA, a company focused on rejuvenation therapies. Recently, Liz has been in the spotlight as a recipient of experimental gene therapy aiming to lengthen her telomeres. 
--> Podcast and discussion

Sponsor: MitoQ.com 
This newsletter & some of the work of Longecity was supported by MitoQ.com - delivering antioxidant protection directly to mitochondria. See here for a special discount only available to Immortality Institute Members. 


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