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June  2016  

There was a newsletter ‘pause’ last month, due to things settling down at LongeCity after the annual planning round.
Maybe this would be a good opportunity to explain what these newsletters are for: LongeCity itself is of course primarily a platform for news and information of various sorts. By design and capacity, almost all of this activity is ‘bottom up’, community-contributed. Users can decide for themselves what types of information is valuable to them and adjust their visiting, search and notification preferences accordingly. The newsletter is manly for 'official' initiatives and announcements. By their nature, these tend to be irregular- sometimes there is a bunch, other times there is a lull.   It's worth considering whether we should not send newsletters just to Members on a schedule dictated by events. But a lot can be said for having a 'regular rhythm' of newsletters at a pace that helps remind infrequent visitors.
Any thoughts about the newsletter? Let us know.

Launching: Affiliate Labs

are small research-focussed enterprises or independent academic research groups distinguished by the fact that they are autonomously led by a scientist with strong ties to the Longecity community and a proven track record of commitment to scientific enquiry directly relevant to the Longecity mission.
These leaders and their colleagues are not just trailblazers in advancing important areas of regenerative and rejuvenation research, but also incredibly helpful when there is a community need for peer review, when providing advice and training to a young scientist, and in providing the expertise and tools to test the novel, controversial, or promising scientific leads sourced from the Longecity community and beyond.

There is a small support fund that the labs can draw on to flexibly support their research activities. While not a substitute for private investment and public sector grants, the ability to flexibly ‘just try’ out a new idea without needing to ‘pitch’ in lengthy proposals can be an invaluable accelerator to research progress. All Affiliates have an active link to the Longecity community, so there is a level of accountability and responsiveness beyond anything encountered in ‘traditional’ research donations. Donors to the Affiliate Labs fund, can be assured that every penny goes directly to an expert personally and professionally committed to making a difference in the scientific conquest of death.
Read more about the Affiliate Labs here.


podcast: Robert Colvile

In this months podcast, author Robert Colvile shares a perspective on "the great acceleration" of technological progress after witnessing it create constant upheavals in the media industry.
--> Podcast and discussion

Sponsor: MitoQ.com 
This newsletter & some of the work of Longecity was supported by MitoQ.com - delivering antioxidant protection directly to mitochondria. See here for a special discount only available to Immortality Institute Members. 


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