LongeCity Newsletter 
October 2016  

Geroprotectors Database Project
LongeCity is currently looking at options to publish an existing database of geroprotectors that collates and curates existing evidence on compounds with purported life extension and other benefits. 
We hope to incorporate functions for collaborative editing, improvements and the 'crowdsourcing' of further insights. Those who might be interested in taking a leadership role in this project - please get in touch

podcast: Jennifer deRosa 
Mind  interviews Jennifer DeRosa, research fellow at LongeCity 'Affiliate Lab' Ichor Therapeutics, who is working to further the LysoSENS branch of the SENS platform, working to reliably scale up a therapeutic substance that degrades A2E in order to prepare for in vivo testing. .  ⇒ Podcast and discussion   

Sponsor: MitoQ.com 
This newsletter & some of the work of Longecity was supported by MitoQ.com - delivering antioxidant protection directly to mitochondria. See here for a special discount only available to Immortality Institute Members. 


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