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How far apart should Novocaine Shots be?

frequent dental work novocaine

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#1 TheFountain

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Posted 04 May 2018 - 03:41 AM

I've been getting a lot of dental work done lately. it started about a month and a half ago.


I was evaluated at a local dentists and it was determined that I had 12 cavities that needed to be filled.


I got 4 done the first time, 2 done the second time and 4 done today. Now I have two left scheduled for 3 weeks from now.


My question is, the sedations have been spaced 2 or 3 weeks apart from each other with the Novocaine. Is this adequate? 

Is this enough space between sedation periods? 


Am I having Novocaine administered too much?


My assumption is my dentist would inform me if she considered this an issue. Otherwise she's liable if the usage was too frequent and some crazy side effect occurred. 



#2 seivtcho

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Posted 04 May 2018 - 05:45 AM

2-3 weeks is more than enough time between the novocains.


From what you are saying, you are not getting Novocaine too much. So, don't worry.

You are not saying the exact doses, that you had. But this is normal, since may dentists are not informing the patients that profoundly about each step during the treatment. The maximal single dose for the novocain (it contains Procaine) is 10milligrams per killogram. If the mayfacturer has added Adrenaline, you shouldnt get more than 1mg Adrenaline independent of the body mass. Your dentist should know about that, and the doses in the ampule usually are such, that reaching 10 milligrams novocaine per killogram or 1 mg Adrenaline will take many ampules. So, you should't have what to worry about. These are the single doses. The novocaine does not have an aaumulating effect and is being destroyed by the body very fast. Locally it lasts for several hours maximum, then it is getting deactivated and destroyed in the liver and after a day, maximum 2 it is out of the body.


If you dont have an allergy you can have Novocaine many times again and again.


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